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Rodgers was particularly annoyed by what seemed to him Hammerstein’s dilatory attitude when it came to writing lyrics. So his way of dealing with the situation would be to punish his partner with silence when the long-awaited lyrics finally arrived.  202 more words


Female Heroes: Josephine Baker

 When I was first approached to read and review Orphan, Monster, Spy, I was quite taken aback by the offer. I’d only done a little blogging before, and it was a big opportunity for me. 730 more words

The Joy of Giving Away Everything as a Recipe to Serenity

“In 1608 in Mortlake, died John Dee, geographer, mathematician, astronomer, astrologer and occult philosopher. He has been serving Queen Elisabeth I of England for years. It’s said that he possessed an amulet called Sigillum Emeth or Hand of Glory that gave him the ability to become invisible. 1,548 more words

The Laughing Diplomat

5 Famous Parisiennes Who Were Not French

When people achieve their dream of moving to their world capital of choice, they are quick to adopt their new title. It’s like the minute you move into your tiny, overpriced flat, you become what you’d dreamed of being for years – whether it be a New Yorker, a Londoner, a Sydneysider, a Berliner, or a Hong Konger. 874 more words

Physical Culture: Josephine Baker and Serge Lifar

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” – Plutarch

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Josephine - A Burlesque Cabaret Dream Play: A Great Star in Need of a Better Home

Josephine – A Burlesque Cabaret Dream Play: A Great Star in Need of a Better Home

By Ross

The story of Josephine Baker is one of the most compelling and intriguing stories of a woman breaking boundaries of race, gender, and sexuality before America was ready to embrace such diversity and confidence.   752 more words

Ross Says: