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I Smile Back (2015)

D: Adam Salky / 85m

Cast: Sarah Silverman, Josh Charles, Thomas Sadoski, Skylar Gaertner, Shayne Coleman, Mia Barron, Terry Kinney, Chris Sarandon

When we first meet Laney Brooks (Silverman), she’s in her bathroom, looking out the window at her husband Bruce (Charles) and their two young children, Eli (Gaertner) and Janey (Coleman), as they all shoot hoops. 1,128 more words


I Smile Back (2015)

“Nobody tells you that it’s terrifying to love something so much.”

I Smile Back is one of those movies that has unknown depth to it, unable to really dive down or sink in because it wears floaties on both arms, keeping its head above water when what it really needed to do was just drown in the misery and the sadness. 612 more words


Flash Movie Review: I Smile Back

The outer layer is as fragile as a newborn eggshell. It takes a majority of energy just to maintain its shape. And similar to an Easter egg, one can put anything they want on the surface. 449 more words


The Good Wife - 7x05 - Payback

*Warning: major spoiler per chi non è in pari con almeno tutta la sesta stagione.*

Will Gardner è un personaggio insostituibile e, per quanto amato, incompreso anche da tutti quei fan che lo hanno considerato soprattutto il vertice di un inesistente triangolo tra lui, Alicia e Peter: la situazione è sempre stata molto più complessa, stratificata, asimmetrica e di Alicia Will è stato non banalmente il… 478 more words

Alicia Florrick

Josh Charles Returns in 'I Smile Back' with Sarah Silverman

Fans of the “The Good Wife,” “Sports Night,” or the Artists & Writers charity softball game in East Hampton might be interested to know that Josh Charles is finally coming back into our lives. 255 more words


Film Review: I Smile Back

Note: This review was originally published back in February 2015 as part of our coverage for the Sundance Film Festival.

I Smile Back spends most of its 85 minutes working through the paces of every movie about an addict you’ve ever seen, but it has a secret weapon: … 580 more words



 Greetings again from the darkness. The combination of Sarah Silverman in the lead role and the word “smile” in the title sets the stage for some shell-shocked movie goers who walk into this one expecting the side-splitting laughs this talented comedienne usually delivers. 315 more words