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I Smile Back

It is so infuriating to hear I Smile Back labelled as an ‘addiction drama’ because that utterly misrepresents this bleak but honest exploration of Depression and mental illness. 716 more words

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TV Talk // Farewell, Saint Alicia

I have a lot of feelings about The Good Wife and I need to talk about them.

As you may or may not be aware, The Good Wife has just ended after seven seasons. 1,011 more words

Alan Cummings

Four Brothers (2005)

A saintly old lady is executed during a liquor store hold up and her four foster sons reunite to hunt down her killers.

Four Brothers is exactly the kind of brain dead action thriller that holds extreme violence up as the answer to all of life’s problems as we follow Mark Wahlberg and his gang on their rampage through the streets of Detroit using nothing but their wits. 86 more words


"The Good Wife" series finale

SPOILER ALERT. Preparing the audience for the finishing of a seven-season show, widely touted as “the best written show on television,” series creators Robert and Michelle King, explained to the viewers that the series was “about” the search for “power” by its star “Alicia Florrick” (played by Julianna Margulies), and, that power corrupts! 354 more words


Un-learning Friendship: the Descent of Alicia Florrick

Many people have already expressed their thoughts on the Good Wife finale , so I’m just going to put a couple here. Maybe we just put too much pressure on series finales, but it is the end of the story. 618 more words


Before the Good Wife-Where You Saw Them

Last night we got to say good bye to “The Good Wife”.  You can either say you were floored by the ending or that it was the stupidest ending I ever saw. 329 more words


Needing to be Needed on The Good Wife or Why "End" is Disappointing

Alicia didn’t become a lumberjack and nor did she end up with someone other than the mother, but The Good Wife’s finale sure did burn everything to the ground in a way that was incredibly disappointing. 1,544 more words

The Good Wife