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'Sports Night' nostalgia recap: The Thanksgiving of Mom's disapproval

Season 1 | Episode 8 | “Thespis” | Aired Nov 17, 1998

Let’s be honest: Most holiday TV episodes aren’t great. But “Thespis,” which is… 839 more words

Amy Schumer's Friday Night Lights Spoof: Watch Josh Charles Play Coach

The Friday Night Lights movie may be a no go, but Inside Amy Schumer on Tuesday delivered the next best thing: a brilliant parody, co-starring… 121 more words


My Team, My Rules

I had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of this. But I adore Amy Schumer and Josh Charles and Friday Night Lights and brilliant parodies, and I think this is a spot-on example of how to use comedy to make a point. 31 more words


Inside Amy Schumer: Last Fuckable Day

The third season of Inside Amy Schumer premiered last night and quickly proved why it’s one of the funniest and most insightful shows on television. In addition to “Milk Milk Lemonade” (Amy’s ridiculously catchy take on pop culture’s fascination with big butts), she also gave us the thing we didn’t even know we needed: a takedown of rape culture wrapped up in a  218 more words


'Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Don't Rape': Everyone Should Watch 'Inside Amy Schumer's 'Friday Night Lights' Spoof

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The only bad thing about the Friday Night Lights parody on Inside Amy Schumer is that it was the first sketch of the season, which means it’s nothing but downhill from here. 43 more words


'Inside Amy Schumer' recap: "Fudge machine" madness

The third season of Amy Schumer’s show premiered tonight on Comedy Central. Yeah, we lapped it up. Here are the best bits, all of them topical, witty, filthy and serving up Schumer’s twisted-smart take on women’s issues. 429 more words


The Good Wife - Season One, Episode Sixteen


In this episode, Peter grows suspicious of Alicia and Will, the firm, in financial trouble, represent another lawyer accused of murder and consider the ethics of representing a drug dealer, and Eli Gold goes on the hunt for the person responsible for tweeting about Alicia and Peter’s marriage. 287 more words