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The Good Wife - Season One, Episode Seven


In this review I want to talk about Will and the job cuts, Zach the worst boy detective, and lying which was a big theme in this episode. 844 more words


The Good Wife - Season One, Episode Five


Wow this episode was kind of ended on quite a  miserable note, they won their case sure but at the cost of another family. There is conflict between Alicia and her mother in law and implications that Will’s intentions toward Alicia are less than professional. 528 more words


Sundance Film Review: I Smile Back

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I Smile Back spends most of its 85 minutes working through the paces of every movie about an addict you’ve ever seen, but it has a secret weapon: Sarah Silverman. 577 more words


#10 I Smile Back (B+)

Everything you’ve heard about Sarah Silverman being a terrific dramatic actress is true. She shines as Laney Brooks, a self destructive addict and mother of two, wife, with the seemingly perfect life. 158 more words

Sundance 2015

'I Smile Back': Why Did Sarah Silverman Need a Serious Drama to Become a "Serious Actor"?

PARK CITY, UTAH: Since its premiere Sunday night, one of the biggest stories of the Sundance Film Festival has been Sarah Silverman’s revelatory performance in the addiction drama… 815 more words


Sundance Film Review: 'I Smile Back'

Rarely has a performer striven so concertedly to shed any trace of his/her comedy roots as Sarah Silverman does over the course of “I Smile Back,” an addiction drama in which the acerbic comedienne gives the kind of warts-and-all, let-it-all-hang-out (body parts, fluids, etc.) turn that awards’ consultants dreams are made of. 810 more words


Bird People (2014)

“How does it go in fairy tales?”

In the Western world, among other geographic locations, quitting is considered an indecisive and thoughtless act of cowardice. You decided to do this, so how can you just up and leave? 708 more words