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Fox Removes 'Fantastic Four' Sequel from Schedule

Anybody surprised? While producer Simon Kinberg claimed that they were “really focused” on a sequel, after the colossal failure that was Fantastic Four (2015), it is only logical for the follow up to be scrapped. 110 more words

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Flame Off: 'Fantastic Four 2' Removed From Fox's Schedule

“Gonna need you to stop right there, Fantastic Four 2.”

The Fantastic Four kerfuffle seems to be drawing to an inevitable close, after the, um, … 235 more words


Is it too easy to blame the studio?

Movie-goers have slowly been turned against the big, movie studio machine. Aside from Marvel Studios or Pixar, it is a common notion that the big movie studios are good for financing your film but should, under no circumstances, actually get involved in the creative process. 637 more words


Fantastic Four (2015)

Every so often you get a film where the story behind the film is far more interesting than the film itself. This could be for several reasons. 1,053 more words


One of the protagonists of The Fantastic Four, Toby Kebbell (who played Doctor Doom) speaks for the first time about his experience playing the villain and addressing how fans reacted to the reboot. 126 more words


Fant4stic 2015

This is the fourth live-action Fantastic Four movie based on the marvel-comic and is one of the worst superhero-movies I’ve seen lately. Conflict on set between the director (Josh Trank) and the studio led to a massive reshoot of several scenes of the movie and some pretty bad wig-shots with Kata Mara. 107 more words