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Fantastic 4 (2015) Review

If he had still been alive, comics legend and creative genius Jack Kirby would have been 100 this month, so to celebrate a centenary of ‘The King’, the To Watch Pile is going to commemorate his creative output with a selection of reviews of Kirby’s creations that have made it to screen. 1,418 more words

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Underrated Masterpieces: Fantastic Four (2015)

I know that people might say anything negative about this film but it is much better than most people know.

It shows an alternate reality of the Fantastic Four (2015) made by Josh Trank with very little action, which I love. 222 more words


The Disaster Artist (2017): THIS IS ACTUALLY BEING MADE! WOO! (Plus Teaser Review)

Hey everyone, Jack Drees here! If you have paid close attention to the title of this post, you can tell I’m really pumped about what I’m going to discuss. 1,573 more words

Do Directors Matter? Not in the Marketing of Big Films

In Entertainment Weekly yesterday, Anthony Beznican ponders whether, in the wake of so many replacements on high-profile films, the era of the director is coming to an end. 733 more words

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'Fonzo' & 'Fantastic Four' Director Josh Trank Signs With CAA

EXCLUSIVE: Josh Trank, who next is directing Tom Hardy in Fonzo, the feature film about the final days of mobster Al Capone, has just signed with CAA, who is repping the U.S. 171 more words

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Grumpy Bird Reviews: Fantastic Four (2015)

I’m home sick today, so I thought I’d watch one of the movies on my list of things to see. I’d been putting this one off for a while because probably the best praise I’d heard was “It isn’t as bad as most people saw.” With such encouraging reviews, what could go wrong? 787 more words


Fantastic Four Remix, Part One: The Basics

So I was reading, a few weeks ago, about the most recent Fantastic Four movie. You know, the Josh Trank one that everybody hated so much. 3,697 more words