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Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art...

Just finished reading this great book by Joshua Foer about memory techniques and his competitive experience. Wow, it has got me doing stuff again.

Focus, focus, focus

Jika kita mau mencapai sesuatu yang cukup berharga dalam hidup ini, kita perlu untuk: fokus, fokus, dan fokus.

Good luck buat para high achiever!

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Try many new things and make as much failures as possible

Diawal tahun ini, dari Seth Godin blog, saya dapat info dari Skillshare tentang online class mengenai Super Lerning oleh seorang anak muda bernama Jonathan Levi. 112 more words

“Moonwalking With Einstein” by Joshua Foer

This book was just plain entertaining. Being able to memorize a deck of playing cards, or thousands of numbers of pi is arcane in our world of externalized memory. 2,147 more words


What Will it Take to Make Police a Learning Organization

A thought came up during a relaxed reading of a very interesting book, ‘Moonlighting with Einstein’ by Joshua Foer. The book raises a curious question. Why don’t we keep on improving our speeds at typing, running, or whatever skill one is learning, if practice, as we are told, improves performance. 523 more words

My Inner Sherlock

I just watched this TED talk by Joshua Foer:

This talk was thought-provoking for a couple of reasons. Firstly, as a Sherlock fan, it gave me hope that I too can have a brilliant memory palace of my very own (or mind palace, as Sherlock calls it). 354 more words

TED Talks