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Poisonous Lipsticks to die for – part 5

Many urban legends have popped up through the years on the Internet, claiming that the British parliament passed all sorts of Witchcraft Laws banning the use of lipstick on “ 946 more words


Kenwood House - a North London Treasure

Kenwood House is a North London treasure. Perhaps it’s because of its position, right at the top of Hampstead Heath, gazing down over the rest of the city; perhaps it’s because, thanks to the terms of the Iveagh Bequest, it’s free to visit and always will be. 378 more words


Affirmation and denial

I was moved by a story I read recently of a terminally ill lady who had wished, before she died, to see for one last time her favourite painting by Rembrandt. 3,233 more words


The Eyes Have It - A short story

The gentle creaking of the old floorboards made me realise that I had crossed the threshold and entered the calm of the house. It was a bright morning in early May and tiny motes of dust floated in the shafts of sunlight that crossed the hall of… 746 more words


"Ingenuity of contrivance": the spider helmets of the Norfolk Rangers

In his 1991 Ogilby Trust booklet on the Yeomanry of Norfolk, the late R J Smith picked up on a curious account of the Norfolk Rangers of 1782, as published by Charles Tomkins in his  422 more words


No. 6: Oliver Goldsmith at 40

Oliver Goldsmith, he of the large-domed forehead, was born in 1730…or 1728 – what difference does a couple of years make? Well for a man like Goldsmith who produced only a few great works for which he is remembered, 1768 and 1748 both mark the production of one of these works, so that 40 either heralded his spoof of the sentimental genre, … 709 more words

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