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Challenges in Life.....

I wonder, in the day of little convenience, what would I have done? Would I have hunkered down near those rocks? When would I, or someone with me, have started wondering what is on the other side of that distant ridge? 26 more words


A Girl and her Jackalope

Have you ever just had an idea for something with no real reason behind it except that it would just be cool? Well, I had one of those when we made plans to visit Joshua Tree National Park over the days we were spending out there for my birthday. 164 more words


Joshua Tree






Where the Streets Have No Name: Joshua Tree Part 1

Spring Break of my senior year was a little less Spring Breakers and a little more Into the Wild. During the last week of March, I set out on a week long trip to Joshua Tree National Park with my Dad. 526 more words

It's a Lazy Day

Not only do I have a long list of places I wish to visit day little day trips here in California, but also a long list of places I wish to stay at. 220 more words


You're Probably Missing Something.

It’s a moment. A moment of reverence and sanctity. A moment of peace and silence. The lights are low, soft chords from a keyboard float through the air, and the atmosphere is heavy. 816 more words


Doors unlocked and open

I know I’m over a month late, but better late than never!

For my birthday this year, some friends and I went on an epic 3-day camping trip up in Joshua Tree National Park. 400 more words