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Assignment 3 "Heroes of the Frontier"

We all know the differences between a mobile home and a solid home. One moves and one doesn’t. One is looked down upon and one is an impressive achievement and a staple of family life. 322 more words

Assignment 2 "Heroes of the Frontier"

Right off the bat Josie seems very disappointed with the standards of the American society and how she is expected to raise her children. She’s used to a more simpler time where she was expected to go to four mandatory events at the school that were the fall and spring parent teacher conferences, and the two different concerts that the children were singing in. 303 more words

Assignment 1 "Heroes of the Frontier"

In the first fifty pages of the book the sense of home seems pretty terrible for Josie, since her husband is a bit of an asshole and she seems to be an alcoholic. 355 more words

Big Shock: There's Nothing but Disappointment in Alaska

In pages 51-100, if it was possible the book got more depressing. Josie laments in even more of her failure. Her disappointment  reaches a peak at the magic show she attends in Seward, Alaska. 196 more words

Heroes of Home

As I’m delving into the book Heroes of the Frontier, I’ve never been more grateful to not I decided to not be a dentist. Josie, the main protagonist, has never known a comfortable home. 248 more words

Best spot on the couch - or not

Twelve years after I bought my first couch, it finally wore out and I upgraded. I got a nice sectional leather couch. Josie found her spot easily on the new couch – usually next to me. 40 more words

A Dog's Life

PLAYLIST | Warm Welcome

March in Minnesota is a guessing game–one day it’s 60 degrees and sunny, the next it’s snowing and everyone retreats indoors and back into a state of hopeless cabin fever. 438 more words