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Josie Natori Womens Foundation Tank Considering

When should I clean my tank? You should clean your tank once every two months unless you can really tell it needs cleaned before then. Why should I clean my… 302 more words

Mouth Breather

There was a time when Josie had no airflow on the right side of her nose. The tumor and inflammation around it had completely blocked it off. 99 more words



Josie is my vacuum cleaner. I never once had to worry about crumbs in my kitchen.

Josie doesn’t do that anymore – not with her recent dislike of just about everything. 46 more words


Looking towards the positive

Josie is slowing returning to normal. She devours a ridiculous amount of meat. I’ll mix in various other items to try and balance all the meat out, but not too much or she walks away. 70 more words


Silicone Teething Necklace for Mom to Wear by RubyRoo

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Licking the bowl clean

After trying various dry foods, canned foods and even freeze dried pre-mixes, I decided to go back to basics with Josie. Meat. As long as I didn’t mix it with anything, Josie devoured any meat I offered her. 209 more words


All tied up

Today marks the official tie with the 5 week record.

And all signs point to the tumor being under control.

No nosebleeds. Not even snottiness. 177 more words