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Copper vs the World

Meet Copper the kitten. Well, he was a kitten back in the day. And Josie and Bear got to spend some quality time with him. It was very entertaining. 40 more words



Get ready for one of the funkiest ,groove heavy tracks ever. Josie is one of my favourite songs from the inimitable Steely Dan. The closing track of their platinum selling Aja album, Josie ends the record off flawlessly bringing an epic finish to probably the best jazz rock album ever. 85 more words

Weekly round up

In maths this week we completed work on area and volume. The aim was that the children should develop a stronger understanding about length (one dimension, cm or m), area (two dimensions, length x width, cm2 or m2) and volume (three dimensions, length x width x height, cm3 or m3). 221 more words

She likes her space

I think Josie likes her area – she voluntarily spends quality time there in the evening. Sometimes, she’ll gnaw on a bone.  But other times, she just stares at me.


Semi-lazy weekends

It’s been a little over a week since Josie started metronomic therapy. So far, she’s doing great. No seizures. No GI issues. No bleeding. And tonight I realized – I haven’t heard her  breath in a while – no more sound of constant congestion. 243 more words