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She looked hungary

A few years ago, I had my first (and only) vacation without my dogs. I left them in the care of some neighbors with very explicit food instructions for Josie. 204 more words


Oh right - that problem we forgot to discuss

The day after Josie’s visit to the oncologist, they called with the lab results. Bloodwork was still good but the urine still had protein in it and an elevated gravity. 64 more words


Convincing a dog to eat again

After Josie and I returned home from our trip to the oncologist, I made my way to the store to pick up some cat food and canned dog food. 398 more words




Welcome to my blog.
As you’ve probably guessed, my name is Josie. I am 18 years old (an Aries) and living in Brisbane, Australia. 200 more words

About Me

Society In Shock As Josie Cunningham Goes Back On The Game

Professional scrounger, Josie Cunningham, has announced recently that she has gone back to the fast paced and exciting world of being a prostitute, because benefits cuts have made it impossible for her to fund an extravagant celebrity lifestyle. 771 more words


Making folks feel at home

Josie, Bear and I had some overnight guests. Josie made sure to make them feel at home – with some nosebleeds . Some at night, shortly after they arrived and another one in the morning – just to make sure they knew what it was like to experience it. 12 more words


W I S H I W A S showcases big-name potential with new release, Crossfire feat. Kurtis Wade

These days few can take on the seemingly impossible feat of making house music exciting.  For many of us, the very idea of 128bpm is enough to hit the skip button.   145 more words