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Not her smartest move ever

A couple years back, I was trying to convince a friend that Josie was smarter than Bear. My friend had already concluded Bear was awesome because he was so pretty. 195 more words


Josie is jarig!

Nou ja, vorige week was ik jarig. Maar, deze blogpost staat wel in het teken van mijn verjaardag: ik heb namelijk best wat cadeautjes gehad =) 783 more words


Previous Day Amnesia

By Monday evening, Josie was doing a lot better. There was still a trickle of blood coming from her nose, which made me begin to wonder how much could trickle out before it became a life threatening problem. 300 more words


How World War 1 started

In case you can’t remember (it’s all quite complicated!), here’s how World War 1 started, explained by 5TM 43 more words

My favorite part during each vet trip

When Josie and I went looking for a new vet, we were introduced to a new way of doing things. Our original vet would come into the room, put the dog up on a metal table, look at a couple things, give shots if needed, take blood, whatever needed to be done and that was it. 298 more words


How's your day going?

I had an appointment this morning. It required me to leave Josie for a couple of hours. All I could think about was what would I come home to. 372 more words


Morning arrived

The sun is up. The rain has stopped. And although it is cloudy and wet out – Plan A is now back in action.

I don’t know if Josie ever settled down and slept last night. 272 more words