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A Scribe’s Journal: Wroth!

What an entirely ridiculous chain of events!  How maddening!  I am wroth indeed on my mistress’s behalf, and I do not think I will be soothed until… 586 more words


Interlude: A Day in the Life

While confined to the front room of my apartment waiting for the UPS dude to arrive, I began thinking about all the minor characters I almost never play.  1,267 more words


Letters to Pinnath Gelin: Around the Supper-table

Dear Merilien,

Uncle has news for all of you!  I should not spoil it, but knowing him, he’ll bounce one or two babes on his knee before remembering, “Oh, I was to tell my family… 363 more words


Letters to Pinnath Gelin: Everything’s Fine


I cannot write for long! Mistress Holloway’s garden is in desperate need of assistance. I spent yesterday cutting back the flower-beds, and today helping to bring in the last of summer’s vegetables. 760 more words