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US attempts to strike balance in ties with Uganda

(By Deutsche Welle) The US has agreed to bolster its military presence in Uganda to help hunt down fugitive warlord Joseph Kony, despite Washington’s tense relations with Kampala over the East African nation’s draconian anti-gay law. 799 more words

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Accused War Criminal Joseph Kony In Talks To Surrender

(AllHipHop News) Twenty-one months ago a short film titled Kony 2012 was uploaded to the internet and within days it went viral sparking the “Stop Kony” movement. 224 more words


Just to prove that I'm not always serious (and I can't juggle!)

Ok, just to prove that I’m not serious all of the time I thought I would juggle for you all, but then I realised that I can’t juggle (although, possibly the vision of me dropping things all over the place may amuse you), so I decided to post this video which I just came across instead.

Enjoy (and possibly be afraid!!!).

Invisible Children

Can a viral video stop a killer?

Invisible Children charity have produced a video which has been watched nealy 74m times. The Hollywood-type video has been created to highlight African warlord Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) guerilla group and his rebellion and criminal activity against humanity. 200 more words

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Kony-lonialism: Idealism, naivety, or dangerous?

If you haven’t heard of the KONY2012 video by now you will, no doubt, be in the minority. Few would deny the success of the video and the associated campaign; the video has been watched by millions, earned the praise of US President Barak Obama, and made millions of people throughout the world feel like they were taking part in a just cause. 585 more words


From Daffodils to Despots: the thing about charity.

I was chatting to a fellow mum-of-a-toddler the other day, and she was having a bit of a moan about her son’s nursery and the amount of activities they undertake for charity. 1,350 more words