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Malcolm Reynolds fought against the Alliance and now he and his crew, made up of soldiers, mercenaries, and criminals work on the edges of space, trying to stay one step ahead of hunger and the law as they take whatever jobs they can find to make money. 291 more words


Popular for the frame, not the brain.

Okay now. This isn’t a reply to any ONE thing. More like just the thousands of stuff I found this week.  TL;DR on  the bottom… 470 more words


SAVE THE DAY (I can't I'm Canadian...)

Ok, so this is totally off topic and unlike anything else I have or probably ever will share on my blog, but it was too good and honestly too necessary to pass up. 170 more words


Links We Loved This Week -- 9/23/16

Joss Whedon got basically his whole stable of actors to film an irreverent PSA on exercising your civic rights to vote. (This should hardly need saying, but don’t read the comments.) 104 more words

Apparently it might be time to let Firefly go.

I was reading and think this might be essential reading material for any Firefly/Serenity fans.  I have nothing to really add to it – but hear is some of the article: 217 more words


1Up Culture Cast - Firefly Series Review Part 2 - Episode #3

From the mind of Joss Whedon came a sci fi cult hit that – although barely lasting a season – has resonated with it’s fanbase in an incredible way. 36 more words


Joss Whedon Is Back At It Again With Star-Studded Anti-Trump Video

Joss Whedon up and disappeared from Twitter after a stressful run with the good ol’ Internet trolls. But lucky for us he’s back at it again with the best star studded anti-Trump video there ever was. 234 more words

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