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Buffy Art Historian: Dating

DRUSILLA: Your face is a poem. I can read it.

XANDER: Really? It doesn’t say ‘spare me’ by any chance?

DRUSILLA: Shhh. How do you feel about eternal life? 48 more words

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run it up the flagpole…

With apologies to Oskar Pernefeldt and anyone who has imagined a flag for planet Earth, in Astral the banner for M.other E.arth is based on vexillology, the study of flags. 617 more words


Quote of the Day

Kaylee: Come on, admit it, it’s true.

Simon: No, I won’t, because it’s not. I use swear words like anybody else.

Kaylee: Oh, really? See, I never heard you.

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Quote Of The Day

Joss Whedon Weighs in on Marvel vs DC and Directing Star Wars

Joss Whedon has been very quiet recently. Avengers: Age of Ultron was his last outing and, well, it all kind of ended in tears. It received mixed reviews from press and fans, and met with controversy regarding a joke made by… 497 more words

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Joss Whedon Writing Horror Movie Set in World War 2

Fans of Joss Whedon know him for such works as Dollhouse, Firefly and Buffy. If you enjoy his work you will be excited to hear that he is working on a unique project. 206 more words

Movie News

Joss Whedon's Next Film is a World War II Horror

Writer-director Joss Whedon is currently promoting the Save the Day voting initiative, but he has revealed to his fans what his next project is. He admitted during the Tribeca Film Festival in April that it was a “departure”, but just recently he spoke with  183 more words