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Firefly: Ariel (15 November 2002, Allan Kroeker)

Spoiler warning: these reviews reveal plot twists.

Simon offers the gang a job: help him break into a hospital so he can treat his sister and he’ll tell them which valuable medicines to steal… 409 more words


So What Do We Know Now That We Didn't Before Comic Con?

Trying to get one’s head around all the news that dropped at Comic Con isn’t easy when more of it keeps coming out!  Especially when I’m still anxious to hear that we won’t have to wait until 2019 for that third season of  573 more words


SDCC 2016: 'Con Man' Goes Meta at Comic-Con

You might not expect a web series to end up opening a Friday morning at San Diego Comic-Con’s infamous Hall H. Hall H is the one where people start their wait the day before. 1,166 more words

Monjilla At The Movies

5 Actresses Who Could Play The Doctor

Should the Doctor be a woman? If so, who should play her? Here are our suggestions… 327 more words


Buffy Who The Vampire Slayer? - Joss Whedon Would Write For A Female Doctor

Speaking at San Diego Comic Con’s Nerd HQ, Joss Whedon has stated he would write for Doctor Who…but only if the Doctor is female or played by… 364 more words

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Firefly: Out of Gas (25 October 2002, David Solomon)

Spoiler warning: these reviews reveal plot twists.

While a critically injured Mal attempts to save his ship, we see flashbacks to how the crew came together… 415 more words


Firefly: Jaynestown (18 October 2002, Marita Grabiak)

Spoiler warning: these reviews reveal plot twists.

The crew are stunned to land on a planet where Jayne is revered as a folk hero…

Written by Ben Edlund. 294 more words