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'Avengers' Director Joss Whedon Calls for Paul Ryan's Death

Joss Whedon, best known for directing the two Marvel’s Avengers films and creating Firefly and Buffy The Vampire Slayer has recently landed himself in hot water. 180 more words


Buffy's Story Gets a Proper Continuation in Season 8

Scroll through any number of “Greatest TV Shows for Geeks” lists and you’ll find a handful of shows by a single creator: Joss Whedon. The man who is, arguably, best known to the general public for co-writing and directing the first two Avengers movies made his name creating several TV shows that people still buzz about. 1,423 more words

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Quick Quotes #218

I love fantasy. I love horror. I love musicals. Whatever doesn’t really happen in life is what I’m interested in. As a way of commenting on everything that does happen in life, because ultimately the only thing I’m really interested in is people.  – Joss Whedon

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FINT Book Review: Joss Whedon & Race

et’s face it. White liberals are having a “woke” moment that is shamefully long overdue. Growing up in the 1980s and early 90s as a white middle class kid from a moderately open-minded family (albeit residing in the conservative American south east), I was taught that the most respectful way to treat people of color was to be “color blind”. 196 more words

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In Your Eyes - Review


I’m starting to question how I considered myself a big fan of Joss Whedon as I watch more films penned by him and slowly I find myself unimpressed. 832 more words

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Fan Focus - Scarlet Witch

Long (long) overdue post celebrating the fanart of Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch. I wanted to post this before Avengers: Age of Ultron came out but life happened as it so often does. 1,367 more words


Bed Head Redemption

I read a really cool quote from Joss Whedon talking about ‘Angel,’ both the character, first seen in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and then subsequently in his own spin off show, and the show itself. 399 more words