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Not all of us begin the record
of our life
with a golden pen dipped
in beautiful India Ink.
Some of us, and we are many, 141 more words


Rebekah M reblogged this on Tassitus and commented:

I don't do this often; “reblog”. In fact, I think I've only done it once before. Given that I've stated “poetry is not my thing”, on my About page, it might seem odd too, but this is special. This poem by my blogging buddy, Joss, I read the first time in 2011, and never forget it. I had it copied down in a folder somewhere, but lost it. Finally I had to ask her for help, finding it again, and here it is. This morning, when I was about to read her post from last night, this appeared in the "Related posts-section". I saw that as a sign I should share this beauty with my fellow bloggers.

Dreaming of Joss Dreaming

September spiders
range across the sofa
Joss, dead pale and gaping
sleeps ever on

To my horror they synchronize
and tip-toe closer

My silent screams… 15 more words

Creative Writing

Memorial Day 

In Chinese culture there is a custom to bring the necessities to the ancestors that have passed on. They will prepare food and buy joss goods to burn so that their ancestors will have them in the next world. 45 more words

My Problem with BTVS

I’m working to understand why BtVS has had such a profound effect on me.  I’m hoping I can work through this issue via my own writings on this blog and perhaps through the help of others who unwittingly stumble onto this site. :)


Nails of the Week | Joss by Julep 

OMG!!! I am so in love with this color! I didn’t think the duochrome effect would really work, but it actually does and it is AMAZING!! 132 more words


Chinese new year

Chinese New Year is a big deal in Asian countries. This is my first time celebrating with Ivie in Malaysia. Earnings season at work always kept me in New York from late January to early March, so I couldn’t come to Malaysia, and CNY in New York doesn’t really seem to be the same. 149 more words