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British Virgin Islands

If you’re visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands you should definitely take the time to explore the British Virgin Islands. Keep in mind that you will need your passport and go through customs to do so. 107 more words

The British Virgin Islands - Caribbean

The British Virgin Islands of the Caribbean are absolutely stunning. If you are looking for full-moon parties and sailing adventures, head on over to Tortola. If you’ve got the money and want to go yachting, head on over to Virgin Gorda. 48 more words


She Comes From Boston...

So this Wannabeislandgirl is still recovering from the back-to-back Kenny Chesney concerts at Gillette Stadium this past weekend. And, truth be known, this Wannabeislandgirl really IS from Boston. 307 more words

Jost Van Dyke

Spicy Balls (Tamarind, of course)!

‘Would you like to try a little treat?’, asks our friend Casilda this morning at breakfast. Of course I didn’t hesitate to grab one of the little donut-hole shaped balls. 326 more words

Jost Van Dyke

Corsairs Beach Bar & Restaurant, Jost Van Dyke

Believe it or not, even after nearly a decade of living in this little island community – there are still things that I want/have wanted to do which I just haaaaaaven’t quite got around to yet… This weekend I was finally able to make one of those dreams a reality. 597 more words


Do You 'Sea Grapes'?

Lounging on my favorite beach chair in front of the One Love in Jost Van Dyke, I notice tons and tons of these green fruity bunches hanging from the tree above me. 381 more words

Jost Van Dyke

Jacob Gelt Dekker on “The Dutch Virgin Islands”

Jacob Gelt Dekker (Curaçao Chronicle) offers a historical account of the Lesser Antilles—including Little Dix, Jost van Dyke (both named after Joost van Dyk), Tortola, Virgin Gorda—and Dutch incursions in the Caribbean and negotiations (or clashes) with the Spanish and Danish governments. 552 more words