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"My arrow hasn't hit the target yet. I am simply flying through the air enjoying the ride."

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a purpose in this life. Find joy in the journey of finding your story and sharing it with the world. 459 more words

Journal Blog

From the pages of The Rainbow Diaries: 5AM Thoughts

Sometimes, I wish I could turn back time and go back to days when our responsibilities include staying as a child – keeping your baby teeth under your pillow with high hopes of receiving a candy from the toothfairy, hanging socks by the fireplace before Christmas Eve and wait for Santa Claus to arrive until our eyes fail to do so, we never met Santa Claus, and so we wait again for him on our next Christmas Eve with a better determination and a year older, hunting Easter bunny eggs although we don’t really know why we hunt them, flying kites on summer, letting the first rain of May hit against our bodies, building our dreams on the nightsky and think of shooting stars. 185 more words

The Rainbow Diaries

"I love what I do and I am so proud of who I have become in the process of following my dream."

My Story…

I grew up in a typical, midwestern house in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I come from a kind, loving family with one younger brother, and two parents who love me. 710 more words

Journal Blog

Taking The Plunge...

Good Morning Tuesday Campers!

I decided yesterday to take the plunge and get a little bit more serious about blogging and my space on the internet. 305 more words

"Yesterday I got into trouble because I was singing and told my mum I didn't like her dinner but honesty is the best policy and it wasn't nice at all."

My name is Anjali and I am 11 years old. My sister told me to write this and I don’t know why haha. I like to write, and I got 93 percent in English but I DESPISE maths!! 281 more words

Journal Blog

#ESMEINK : "Sleep Habits" Day 19


I’ve always been a bit of a night owl.

Going to bed early, to me, makes me feel like I’m going to miss something. I have such clarity in the evenings. 545 more words

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