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Clogged... no spillage.

 I have not gotten into a daily habit of Spilling. Establishing habits for me, especially new ones, is very difficult. I seem to do well for a couple of days… then I get distracted. 361 more words

Art Journal

Nothing Too Inspirational

Random thoughts that I should take the time to clear out before I start in on my rant about the current going on’s of my life. 982 more words

Wesley SImmons II

Lyrics to a song I made awhile ago

Sometimes I stay thinking, I be thinking a lot

Sometimes I drive drinking think about stopping a cop

I saw God yesterday, I asked em why he doesn’t stay. 428 more words

Wesley SImmons II

Her Diary

“No one has ever asked the reason behind that smile, no one has ever wondered if I feel the pain after all”.. The last entry to her diary.   565 more words


Belly Post:

Lol I was admittedly dog-tired and really in a hood-mindset while writing that. looking back I would present some of those ideas in a different way. 100 more words

Wesley SImmons II


Hey Wes. So today you watched the nba playoffs and made normal goings around campus. It was terribly rainy today. but that’s a completely backwards adjective in that situation seeing as to how much I adore the rain. 916 more words

Wesley SImmons II

I don't know what I'm doing here.

So im not really sure why i decided to start a blog. if you would have asked me to do this a year ago i would have laughed in your face, maybe even gotten offended that you’d think id be that type of person. 210 more words

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