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On Letting Go...

My Dear Reader,

Polyamorous lifestyle requires quite a bit of letting go…

Letting go of people you’ve just met or been intimate with… Letting go of dreams, hopes and ideas that came to an end. 246 more words


Clogged... no spillage.

 I have not gotten into a daily habit of Spilling. Establishing habits for me, especially new ones, is very difficult. I seem to do well for a couple of days… then I get distracted. 361 more words

Art Journal

Nothing Too Inspirational

Random thoughts that I should take the time to clear out before I start in on my rant about the current going on’s of my life. 982 more words

Wesley SImmons II

Lyrics to a song I made awhile ago

Sometimes I stay thinking, I be thinking a lot

Sometimes I drive drinking think about stopping a cop

I saw God yesterday, I asked em why he doesn’t stay. 428 more words

Wesley SImmons II

Her Diary

“No one has ever asked the reason behind that smile, no one has ever wondered if I feel the pain after all”.. The last entry to her diary.   565 more words


Belly Post:

Lol I was admittedly dog-tired and really in a hood-mindset while writing that. looking back I would present some of those ideas in a different way. 100 more words

Wesley SImmons II


Hey Wes. So today you watched the nba playoffs and made normal goings around campus. It was terribly rainy today. but that’s a completely backwards adjective in that situation seeing as to how much I adore the rain. 916 more words

Wesley SImmons II