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A Visit From The Dead

Lyle has been gone for a while now and finding my own way has been difficult. The quest for a bestfriend continues. Someone to turn to.. 213 more words


Fly High Lyle

My soul is completely shattered.

Today I didn’t only lose my brother.. I lost my bestfriend. I lost my reason to keep going. I lost it all.. 244 more words


Meet Lyle

This is my brother Lyle.

We’ve been close our entire lives. Being twins will do that to you. But our personalities are far from similar. He’s innocent enough, but if you don’t watch the sci-fi channel or know the difference between an x-box and a playstation, than you won’t understand him. 171 more words


Two Witnesses Watch

The righteous wait for the appearance of the Two Witnesses prophesied in Revelation 11. We wait for the appearance of the Messiah of Israel foremost of all. 52 more words

Journal Blog

The Land Wants The Sons of God Back.

The vineyards of Israel could not hide the truth about the real owner of the land of Israel. A winemaker confesses to the fact that the land is flourishing and so is the Jewish life in Eretz Yisrael. 224 more words

Journal Blog

Mitzvot: The Torah of Moses

Stephen Hawkings said, “… when we understood why human beings and the universe exist we would know the mind of God” (taken from the book, A Brief History of Time). 850 more words


Adventures in Floristing - Episode 1

It’s kinda funny… My bestie from way back in high school days always wanted to be a florist and here I am. But I grew up in this business. 345 more words

A Beautiful Mess