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JOURNALS ~ The entries of a cheating abused lost teen


 2.55am ~ “the things I have done and will continue to do will be the death of me and possibly you”


When a normal person betrays someone they love they feel guilt and vow to never do it again…. 226 more words


JOURNAL ~ The entries of a fragile young teenager

~Undated~ 1999

“I never said I wanted to kill myself, I just said I wouldn’t mind dying”

I knew I shouldn’t pick it up. I knew it was wrong to have such thoughts, so why was it all I could think about? 235 more words


JOURNAL - The entries of a troubled young girl

NOVEMBER 4th 1996 – Monday night

I am feeling sad. I want something, my mum? A friend?

I walked into the kitchen today while mum was cooking, I asked her if she loves me, I wish I hadn’t… 108 more words


Your Guardian Angel

You are made for romance and the only one who can offer it to you consistently and deeply is Jesus. Offer your heart to Him.

1,075 more words
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Sorry, But I Can't Please You

Do you want to please people? Do you care more about what others think about you rather than being yourself? Got you, you’re being indirectly manipulated! 471 more words

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what if all that i am is a cheap imitation of what i’ve seen without a trace of originality?

what a tragedy that would be; just another copy floating in the galaxy. 140 more words


Honor God With Your Heart

Victory kick-off 2015 with “Honor God” series. What an awesome way to begin a new year, start the year right, to Honor God, which is our ultimate purpose!  511 more words

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