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No Recipe

There is no recipe when walking down a dusty road along the Rio Cuale, looking up and seeing both an orange plastic pumpkin and a jolly red Santa figure side by side on a rooftop. 428 more words


Journal Excerpt

2/11/2015, Wednesday

I didn’t know that someone like her can have so much insecurities about herself. In my eyes, she was perfect – physically and mentally. 162 more words



Probably that’s why he acts the way he is, selfish, bitter, impatient but creative. I’m still trying to see something respectable in him and probably I shouldn’t because one shouldn’t choose whom they should respect. 11 more words


Would You Be My Mrs. Luna?

Whoah! It’s been a week since I said “Yes” (while I’m tulaley, stuttered, confused what he’s doing, smiling and crying, in awe trying to capture the moment in my iPhone, almost mapa-tumbling, hay in short #AligagaSaSaya) 960 more words

† Faith †

JOURNAL ~ The entries of a cheating abused lost teen


2.55am ~ “the things I have done and will continue to do will be the death of me and possibly you”

When a normal person betrays someone they love they feel guilt and vow to never do it again…. 254 more words


JOURNAL ~ The entries of a fragile young teenager

~Undated~ 1999

“I never said I wanted to kill myself, I just said I wouldn’t mind dying”

I knew I shouldn’t pick it up. I knew it was wrong to have such thoughts, so why was it all I could think about? 235 more words


JOURNAL - The entries of a troubled young girl

NOVEMBER 4th 1996 – Monday night

I am feeling sad. I want something, my mum? A friend?

I walked into the kitchen today while mum was cooking, I asked her if she loves me, I wish I hadn’t… 108 more words