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Sunshine and silhouettes
Rain puddles and mock ballet
Pity prancing is not begging

Sonic ocean sounds of love
Begging for no more beached whales.

Mother moon motivated to shine. 63 more words


Tale of Horror

Truth is, I have never been more traumatized than a week ago.  Waking up in cold sweats is unfortunate. But, last weeks nightmare was no ordinary journey into the abyss. 545 more words

Two Rivers Flow

To seek beauty in the eerie
yet beautiful blues…
‘Twas all I ever meant to do
by you

But you got tangled in my twisted, 20 more words


Bipolar Romance

It’s red wine nights or an absence of fully blossomed beatitude.

It’s frequent pondering of one day realities and making them come true, me and you. 393 more words


Fresh Start

Talking through tears
And venting about issues
I felt resolution in your words
Regarding another man and pillow case tissues.

I have no secret plan… 166 more words



Whether or not I succeed,

I will have tried.

And, to me, that makes all the difference.



“I’m fine!” I shouted into the abyss. My deep breathes and silence was all that was left. I shouted again. No response, not even an echo. 220 more words