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“I’m fine!” I shouted into the abyss. My deep breathes and silence was all that was left. I shouted again. No response, not even an echo. 220 more words


Estuary: A Revision


My biggest fear is forgetting to miss someone.

Once upon a grim time, I believed something wrong with me.
I thought I was ill-mannered and unloved and weird. 564 more words


Splendiferous Easter Sunday

Always in Heaven
Because there is no Hell.

Please don’t listen
To the Stories
Of Men Whom Fell.



Sometimes all that’s left is sadness.

It’s night. I look over all that I haven’t accomplished and all my failures. It weighs on me. I am weary.   76 more words


On Love

When the end of my days arrives,
I will say whom I love most….

I will willingly whoosh free
And whisper it through the celestial waves… 191 more words


Circumnavigation of America's Psyche

Lack of a shared romance
Shirked by not mistresses
A few friends startle me with their…

I do hate this place

Aching like a breaking… 284 more words


With Love

Welcome all to the cosmic plane,
of space, time, and consciousness

As we coalesce peacefully,
as we undulate within ubiquity,
and within the ethereal
unlimited powers of gods and goddesses, 21 more words