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Cupid's Question

Let people appreciate you
for how inspirational you are.

I know it’s hard.
It’s hard for me, too.
But that’s what we do for our friends, right? 49 more words


Beginning Again

Oftentimes, fate allows for constant smiles
I communed with the sunrise this morning

It was neither beautiful nor transcendent

I am sick of being the only person tethered to my reality… 57 more words



During the darkerst of days
When I feel eternally isolated
Sprightly smiling strangers
Keep me on a chuggin’


Recently, I have become determined to watch every sunset.  Something about seeing the sunset super rainbow that forms in the sky and its reflection on the river leaves me wondering if nature itself is an artist.  24 more words

Healthy Relationships

Tough to smile when not beside the ones you enjoy
even rougher trying to forget one’s Helen of Troy
We all find affirmation in friendship, love, and sex. 164 more words



Contentment is my church
And, this gnostic cutie my crush
When I hold her in my arms
My heart begins to blush.


Resting Awake

Behold, the dancing living room.
The breathing, variegated
walls speak of chemistry
And Holistic wellbeing.

Every room a fate,
Every person’s eyes
A first and final destination—
A platform of love.