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Healthy Relationships

Tough to smile when not beside the ones you enjoy
even rougher trying to forget one’s Helen of Troy
We all find affirmation in friendship, love, and sex. 168 more words



Contentment is my church
And, this gnostic cutie my crush
When I hold her in my arms
My heart begins to blush.


Resting Awake

Behold, the dancing living room.
The breathing, variegated
walls speak of chemistry
And Holistic wellbeing.

Every room a fate,
Every person’s eyes
A first and final destination—
A platform of love.



I measure my level of contentedness by how the silence sounds. There are all types of silence:

solid silence, transparent silence, awkward silence, comfortable silence, peaceful silence, happy silence, invigorating silence, enraging silence, crippling silence, silence that is deafeningly loud, silence that is sharp and cold, fragile silence, ugly silence, magical silence, eerie silence, beautiful silence, reflective silence, silence that is meant to be indulged, silence that is meant to be broken, horrid silence, hateful silence, silence like white noise, silence like fog, or silence like a warm blanket, heart-achingly silent silence, tense silence, sacred silence, necessary silence, empty silence, dry silence, soft silence, fresh-snow-on-the-ground silence, passionate silence, intense silence, meaningless silence. 180 more words

Journal Excerpt


It’s a common conception that writing is an outlet for emotional and creative release. You can write about anything, this is true, whether it is something that went horribly wrong or incredibly great or remains mundanely unchanging. 323 more words

Journal Excerpt


The first thing I do when I open up a new book is crack the binding.

I give the front and back covers a bend and squeeze, like I’m waking it up after a long rest. 192 more words

Journal Excerpt

Homeward Bound

If someone asked me why I move so much, I am not sure I could produce a response. By that, I don’t mean a good answer. 352 more words

Journal Excerpt