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Haiku #9

Love’s reflection
Cosmic vibrations emerge
The grand ball begins


Away from her, I feel more.
But I don’t feel her.

Smiles aren’t plentiful.

My word collapses into chaos
When I begin to fear I have lost
Everything I had with her.

Haiku #1

Rain falls off of roofs
As Heaven’s confession of┬átears
forming in god’s eyes

Goodbye Home

When you cried your eyes out last night,
But wake to the possibilities of the morning.

On Being

Be kind to yourself while loving in a mean world.
Don’t you know every moment is the foundation of the future?

Insincerity and apathy ought to be blasted into the shadows. 54 more words

Moving On

I am sick of people turning out to be
Nothing more than a fleeting whisper of the wind.

I came to Baton Rouge
Thinking it was just another city. 130 more words

Impeccable Word

Wouldn’t it be lovely
If we lived in such a way
That no human ever
Had to go back on their word.