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More Translations: Leaving Cert French Journal Intime

Here are some more translations designed for diary entries. These are suitable for fifth and sixth years. The solutions are at the bottom! 612 more words

Leaving Cert

Translations Practice- Journal Intime Leaving Cert French

Translations are vital to get the little things correct in French that really count for high marks, for example tenses and prepositions. Practising translation tests the vocabulary that you are (or should be) familiar with and helps to actually put the vocabulary that you have learned to use. 561 more words

Leaving Cert

Vô minh

Đôi lúc nghĩ quẩn quanh. Lúc mới ra đời, tâm tư như tờ giấy trắng. Rồi lớn lên, trưởng thành, viết lớp chữ này đè lên lớp chữ kia, tờ giấy đầy những đường gạch dọc ngang chằng chịt, không thể nào nhìn ra hình dạng thuở ban đầu. 161 more words

Journal Intime

Leaving Cert French: Preparing for the Journal Intime

The diary entry (in my opinion) is generally a lovely question. It’s relatively predictable, with 90% of questions asking you to be annoyed. That said, a question appeared a few years ago where you won the lottery- so be prepared! 728 more words

Leaving Cert

Day 209: ICHSIB - Henri-Frédéric Amiel (n.d.)

– from Journal Intime / Private Journal (a.k.a. Amiel’s Journal) –