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Blitzpillager's School of Wisdom (partition 1)

Hello student. Thank you for arriving on time for your first lesson in wisdom. This first wonderful teaching that I am going to give you will give you the basics on how to avoid being, “the… 668 more words

I'm An American, Deal With IT (SHOW YOUR TOLERANCE, it's an Order!)

Every living second of the day, and every half second on Sunday’s….I crave this beautiful feast!

This is the Big Carl, the burger that makes the McDonald’s Big mac look like it belongs in a happy meal…but imagine how much fatter America would be if they did that…that’s why I thank my lucky non Hindu-ass that I think beef is delicious and nutritious, and I only splurge occasionally.  213 more words


How Typically Selfish

Earth Day: just another typical day like any other, where the world thinks that everything revolves around itself…how selfish is that? :)

People spend countless moments pondering the following… 202 more words

Simple Dinner Puts Cats On A Rampage!

I was conjuring up a great feast for one in my apartment. I had a great view of the moon outside my window as I decided to start cooking the fresh Ahi Tuna that was in my fridge. 308 more words


The History of April Fools Day

Believe it or not, the History of April Fools Day started about 794 years ago in the city of Rome, in the very merry month of May, which is actually mid September. 499 more words

Journal Of Random Thoughts

My word Pippi

(Warning, This Blog Contains Adult Humor!)

Today was a great day to recall the old mindless things that I watched on the television when I was a child. 407 more words

Why Does Everything Suck?

Dear Valued Customer,

I am sure you have gotten a letter that starts off with this lovely sales pitch?

If you ever receive a letter that starts off with the greeting of “Dear Valued Customer,” 511 more words