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My placement at JPAAP


The Journal of Perspectives on Applied Academic Practice (JPAAP) is an open-access, online journal which aims to provide not only a platform, but a “supportive publishing outlet” for both established and new authors who want to contribute to the investigation of current academic practices. 266 more words

Work Placement

Publishing Consultants for Scottish Justice Matters Journal

During their placement, Nate and Rachel effectively acted as Publishing Consultants for Scottish Justice Matters Journal (SJM), an accessible journal for evidence, ideas and informed opinion on crime and justice in Scotland. 726 more words

Work Placement

Options for making previously published material available

Editor’s note: This is the second guest post by Kevin Hawkins. His first talked about the process of starting a library publishing program; this one covers options for delivering back content of journals (or other materials) when you become the publisher. 592 more words

Journal Publishing

如何在你研究論文的引言部分引出讀者的興趣 (研究生英文編修出版投稿日報) 12/6/2015

* 如何在你研究論文的引言部分引出讀者的興趣
* 學術英文投稿教學影片(678) “How to Choose a Research Topic”
* 避免過度使用It 及 There開頭句(精確英文寫作) (英文編修訓練) (9 / 11) 480 more words

How to hijack a journal

Even by the standards of Internet scams, the scheme is brazen. According to a tip sent to Science, fraudsters are snatching entire Web addresses, known as Internet domains, right out from under academic publishers, erecting fake versions of their sites, and hijacking their journals, along with their Web traffic. 248 more words

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What Open-Access Publishing Actually Costs by Ellen Wexler #OpenAccess

In academe, ideas cost money. But how much? Advocates for open-access journals say that academic research should be free for everyone to read. But even those proponents acknowledge that publishing costs money — the disagreement is over the amount.  43 more words

Accessible journal publishing, Part 1: HTML

Now that we have our high-level musings on accessible publishing in libraries out of the way (check out the ‘accessibility’ category to see the previous posts on the topic), I think it’s time to start talking about the nitty-gritty. 1,306 more words

Journal Publishing