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Societal Complacency 

Something I’ve been realizing more and more especially after doing some research. The countries that have had Christianity or Catholicism added into the society earlier on are becoming complacent. 339 more words


Morning Musings

I woke to a
amid tender
thoughts of you.

I suppose that’s
what the two
of us are,
both alone
and together…

a dangerously… 6 more words


Yoga Sculpture

A new sculpture project I’m currently working on.  This is far from finished.  Currently I’ve finished first sanding. Next I’ll do the final modeling, then sand some more, maybe model again if needed, then sand till smooth, or “finished”, then on to applying the modeling paste/gesso/water mixture for a nice finish coat, before painting. 12 more words


Opening Journal Entry

Dear…Whoever is reading this right now,
Today, I decided to add a “Journal” section to my blog. I wanted to do this because I wanted to save my blog for the important stuff. 944 more words

adjusting my adjustments

I am tired of making adjustments.

I am tired of squeezing myself a little bit further to the right just so someone else could pass through before me.  1,177 more words


Cloudy Writing Day

Cloudy days with a thermos of chai to begin a morning of English writing. Add some soft intrumental and Enya. All set.