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Summer Days & The never-ending diet

I didn’t have a care in the world. Today I felt a bit derailed from my attempt at only putting healthy foods in my body and focusing on portion control. 47 more words

Making my own Art. Post 2

Greets, August is my audition month. this time, i have to be ready. Luckily i have my headshots.


Check out my friend John’s Magical Place.

Julio Luna.


Spring Cleaning

One day there will be nothing left but the memories.

Stored away in boxes present and hidden in the darkest shadows of my head.

Label with dates, places, and emotions: 145 more words

Creative Writing

The Jesus Writing Challenge (Day 11)

If you are wondering what the challenge is, you can read Day 1-8 to get a summary.

Day 11

Jesus is what hope is about. God, the Father, saw something so incredible and invisible in the son that he hoped one day all of creation would one day catch a glimpse of the majesty of Jesus. 463 more words


Write. Write. Write.

So I’ve been thinking about writing a book. An actual book. I really want to. But I don’t know how. I’ve only ever taken english classes that make me write essays on the books we’re reading– I haven’t gotten to write much fiction. 387 more words

On The Eve of Change

Because we can keep trying to go back.

Turning around.

Afraid of the path in front of us.

The path less traveled.

But it doesn’t work that way. 83 more words

Creative Writing