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third june

ROTD = Kenaz reversed (“torch” – artistic or technical ability, craft, transformation, offspring, new information; or disease, decay, breakup, inability, lack of creativity, ignorance, arrogance, elitism, over-conceptualisation.) 230 more words


Watch "VIDEO Is That Your Yacht" on YouTube

🖤 Apparently I tweeted this song out while I was on vacation a couple of years ago or so. Idk. I don’t remember;-) I had not listened to it again until today when I was writing and working on my sensual stories and poetry. 79 more words

Happy place

Hot evening snacks with tea, in a patio filled with beautiful plants swaying gently in a pleasant breeze… birds chirping in the background… a backpacker arrives in style & decides to camp out for the night… a maple tree from the next lot stands tall splashing shades of green on a blue canvas… Simple pleasures, you think? 21 more words


Day 2

And then the air felt pure, the earth righted itself and a huge weight was lifted.

Red Mist Descends

Here I am somewhere between Earth and Sky with another favourite wine and one of the first ones I discovered when I started blogging in 2014, at a time when the xinomavro variety, had just begun to become more widely known. 206 more words



Working at breaking
Daylight and silence
Fighting for recompense
To bring kindness and sense
To what love there is left


Tuesday, June 2, 2020

After all my walking yesterday, I’m moving slowly today. But I still went to the food giveaway this afternoon. We needed milk.