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La nueva campaña de Gucci es un llamado a las nuevas generaciones

Por Mateo Navarro. @mateonavarrro, Instagram.

Subversivo y rebelde. Con estilizados trajes Gucci Pre Fall 2018 nos ubica en un escenario revolucionario que evoca una época particular y que, sin duda, se vuelve un llamado a las nuevas generaciones.


Discord Zane

So I’ve been working on this discord bot lately and today I learned that you can embed quotes inside of quotes using an escape character. Pretty cool. 16 more words


[127] Life: A Parody

Aren’t we all just parodies of our true selves?

Trying to feign reality but only becoming an amusement in return. We are always striving for the illusory knowledge of ourselves but all we find is an illusory illusion which breaks when we probe further. 143 more words


what church are you at?

This is how it generally happens. I go to church on Sunday, an Episcopal Church. It might be a congregation where I’m doing supply work that week. 501 more words


Big Surprise! I Drank Too Much Again Last Night

The sloe gin fizz
of a headache
is cutting my hair
and trying to remodel
the corners of my skull
like a captive March wind. 35 more words