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Emotional Exhaustion

Things are pretty stable. Though I still have a few hiccups.

Yesterday was exhausting. I had some friends over for dinner and then we went out to go to an Indian celebration called Navratri. 174 more words


Fallin for the Weather

Sweater weather is upon us and as Fall is officially starting I cannot say I am more excited. Colorado is pretty well known for its color drives and changing of the leaves. 65 more words


2017-09-24 Happy Being Happy

I’m living day to day and focused on the details. I’m walking in a haze of bliss content to believe the universe will provide the answers. 224 more words


Creating Characters

Hello everyone. Before we dive into the next topic in the Writing 101 series, there is a housekeeping issues I’d like to address. I have decided that I will publish writing posts not once but twice a week. 456 more words



Before, I consider being ‘selfish’ as a bad thing and ‘selfless’ as a good thing. To think of other people before yourself sounds┬ávery heroic. But does it mean that nice is all about treating others well and sacrificing ourselves? 959 more words


12 Universal Laws

  1. The Law of Divine Oneness

The first of the twelve Universal Laws helps us to understand that everything in this World is connected to everything else. 282 more words