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Dear Life Post #16.1.18

Dear life

Today I am grateful for this new wave of positivity that I can feel taking over me- I feel happier and more open to the thought of even better days coming my way. 53 more words

Gratitude Posts


At some point you have to
empty the closet and live the
life that IS.
Walk the present
ground beneath your own feet,
neither living in the past nor… 20 more words

Day 25 - Purple

Gue sudah lama bercita-cita jadi penulis. Ingin rasanya bisa menyentuh banyak orang lewat kalimat-kalimat tulis dalam sebuah buku, membangkitkan perasaan-perasaan halus yang ada dalam diri setiap orang. 1,103 more words



There is always a hope in every sunrise;

a hope to start your day right, a hope to feel okay,

a hope to finally see the bright side, and any hope. 95 more words


Feelings update / personal diary

I’ve been very tired lately. Like, emotionally.

However, today is actually a little bit better. I think it’s because I haven’t been scrolling endlessly on my telephone. 399 more words

It is when I fall for someone I am most destructive,

Not to him or her per say but to me the most;

Hitting myself too much for falling to hard. 247 more words



Tuesday 16th January 2018

Skill / Strength: Maxed out at 90kg  (11 short of PR) but this was with a 3-3-1 tempo.

WOD: Medicine Ball Cleans and Abmat Sit-Ups. 9 more words