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Day 1 - The Love Dare: A 40 Day Challenge

Hey hey!

As promised I am back to share the first of forty challenges and how it has impacted my day. We’re on day one so I’ll start by posting the challenge as it’s written in the book followed by a biblical verse which goes hand in hand with said challenge. 615 more words


Maybe in a Month of Mondays

*Editorial Disclaimer* – June’s one and only post (completed in July) is being published in (nearly) first draft form »shock horror!« for two reasons: 1) because if I write and redraft the way I usually do then nothing will get published either this month or next – or the one after that – and 2) because the motivation behind this piece has left me with a weird urge to purge. 3,103 more words

iLead 2015 ra quân: “Các bạn đã bị lừa rồi!”

Chủ Nhật, ngày 5/7 vừa qua, tại The House of Sài Gòn đã diễn ra hai buổi workshop đầu tiên của Chương trình Huấn luyện Kĩ năng Lãnh đạo iLead 2015. 2,365 more words


Mercedes-Benz craniosynostosis

Sagittal and bilateral lambdoid craniosynostosis is also referred to as Mercedes-Benz pattern craniosynostosis given its resemblance in posterior view to the characteristic car logo. Article here.

In Writing

Forced out

i am no longer Vinco’s slave.

She has given him an ultimatum of her or me and of course he is choosing her. Instead of controlling his girl he is letting her make demands. 139 more words


That Time I Wore Paul Newman's Pants

So, I was on Facebook earlier and I found this old picture from when I was in a production of Guys and Dolls (second from the left). 598 more words


What A Ride

The article “What A Ride” presents the new and improved wooden rollercoasters. For so many years, wooden rollercoasters were a thing of the past and have gotten looked over time and time again with the bigger and badder rollercoasters that are constantly being created. 22 more words