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"I'm nothing but a repressed neurotic girl who is abnormally attracted to sin and therefore abnormally afraid of it."

What does red lipstick mean to you? I’ve read articles that declare it’s been used since ancient times to denote sexual availability, even promiscuity. I’ve read that women who wear red lipstick are approached more by men and seen as more physically attractive and receptive to advances. 710 more words

Emma: Freelancer Edition

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

This summer has been the summer for achieving goals.

  • Running my first 10K
  • Working in corporate
  • Eating healthy consistently (minus last night’s chicken tenders at the Dairy Bar)
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Of Writing, Art, and Freedom

Could a bird raised in a cage dream of flying above an open field?  

She danced in the night. Her skin becoming one with the silver of the moon. 553 more words


Stop betraying yourself.

Show up every day, create your art – in any form that it wants to take. Release it into the world and allow it to have its own life. 22 more words


I do not owe myself rest.

This whole month has left me in a floating bubble, wondering what a real, pounding heart must feel like across bare skin. I refused alcohol for weeks now. 462 more words