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Feb. 19 - Unsolicited advice on supporting friends who struggle with mental illness

Please keep in mind before, during and after reading this that this list has a general point of view. This does not exempt the reader, friend, or anybody else from this list or from contributing to/participating in this list. 481 more words


Josephine's Ashes

I am not a spiritual person. I do not believe in an afterlife, and I do not have the patience needed to entertain the ideas of metaphysics. 545 more words

Cannon Character Idea

Recently I have been watching a lot of slice of life cartoons and I have been a big fan of historical Gods and Goddesses. So I wondered if I mixed up the two and see what might come out of it. 229 more words


start over(?)

I don’t know where I should start. I haven’t journaled in a while.

So maybe I should say hello? Act like this is my first entry, start over. 1,834 more words