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The View

Not far from the window of this train

There are other windows open wide from the many passing houses.

It occured to me that it must be a warm day, … 26 more words


Picaroon Poetry - Issue #16 - May 2019

Welcome to another issue of Picaroon Poetry. Issue #16 manages to be personal, political, mystical, irreverent, witty, and harrowing all in one go. Get on board: we’re in for some choppy poetic seas, but you’re in safe hands. 122 more words


Fantastic Books to Help the Environment

You really have to see TREE and RIVER, both from Blotter Books, an imprint of The Blotter literary magazine. Each title contains a poem that has been lavishly illustrated by members of the Orange County artists’ community. 37 more words



I spend every waking moment regretting not having gotten a rape kit done.

They would’ve seen the bleeding, the tears, the semen still fucking in me. 211 more words


The Last Hangover! - D-2702

This time last week, I was still in bed sleeping; to be honest, I was nursing my hangover. A night before we had some friends over, and just like that, it was 4:30 in the morning when I went to bed. 1,601 more words


write drunk. edit sober. (love your silly self)

i wanted to write this down on here because.  i was getting drunker and reading it makes me love myself a little more.

9:31 PM… 700 more words


232 How many more Movie?


Sandor Stern (Canada 1988)

‘Psychological horror’ (aka ‘psychological thriller with supernatural overtones’) may be among the most overused phrases from the general film critic’s vocabulary.   5,146 more words