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A Day Away (the First of Many)

So…what do you do with children who are intent on destroying your home? You get them out of the house…as much as humanly possible. One plan for this summer is to visit the parks and/or swimming pools in all the neighboring towns…cheap and varied fun. 535 more words


Smells of the countryside

I wish I could share a smell. I can tell you about the beautiful countryside, the golden fields, the hedges filled with white flowers, the multitude of greens. 320 more words


Is It Really That Bad?

Yesterday before bed I told The Hubs that I was most likely going to head out to the Urgent Care Clinic with the intent to be there before they opened so that I would be in and out quickly. 1,100 more words

Chronic Pain

Log: May 24 (Sun): Buy more bread + make Pbj's; unknown

May 24 (Sun): Buy more bread + make Pbj’s; unknown

Wow. Well, at least I accomplished the one thing I’d set out to do — I went to a different store and found bread for CHEAPER, and made a bunch of Pbj’s for the freezer at work. 1,090 more words


Salutations. 💪

Introductions are usually a must.

This has been an absolutely insane week. I have been wanting to hop on WordPress and share a few thoughts here and there… because boy was there plenty, but time never allowed it. 236 more words


Living in God's World

This is the 21st century. Almost every magazine has a picture of a half-naked woman on the front cover; TV shows have more sex scenes than good people; and it is nearly impossible to find clothing that is long enough or doesn’t show everything we’ve got. 69 more words

21st Century

Safe and effective booster immunization using DTaP in teenagers

Okada, Kenji; Komiya, Takako; Yamamoto, Akihiko; Takahashi, Motohide; Kamachi, Kazunari; dkk. Vaccine28.48 (Nov 10, 2010): 7626-7633.

Abstrak (ringkasan)

The incidence of reported cases with pertussis has increased in young adults in Japan and the lack of additional booster immunizations containing pertussis components is suspected to be one of the causal reasons. 147 more words