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I Grow Up A Little Bit

It’s a strange thing.

Growing up.

When I was little, I always dreamed of being seventeen. I couldn’t wait for it. Seventeen seemed like such a beautiful, perfect number. 694 more words

Happy Holidays!

I went to Akimatsuri, an anime autumn festival. My friend couldn’t make it so I went by myself, and I had a fun time. I don’t really mind going to places alone. 70 more words


not today

if you’re looking for some positive motivational shit today this is not the place for you. binge watched youtube and netflix videos while nibbling on these fancy truffles. 117 more words


Let It Snow

My fingers are pink and numb, my nose tulipy red: I’ve just come back from prancing around in the snow, making snow angels, kicking up powdery light snowdust. 73 more words


2017-12-16 It's Six O'clock on a Saturday

I’ve been awake since half past four and up since five. I’ve put some laundry in the wash, swept the laundry room floor, watered some plants, and started some new broccoli sprouts. 497 more words


Without Excuses - Our Future

Saturday, December 16, 2017

2017 has just about come and gone.  In a couple weeks we will have moved into a new year, leaning on new beginnings and fresh starts without the worry that all may be forgotten come February.  762 more words


TW: rape, sexual assault, ptsd, abuse, flashbacks

PTSD is a funny thing. It damages and rewires neuropathways, changing the makeup of the brain so that the trauma one experiences cannot be processed. 971 more words