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30 Days of Creativity: Day 26 - Same Yet Different

Today’s prompts:

  • What is different from when you started this journaling project?
  • How is your creative process different now than it was a month ago? / A year ago?
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I’ve always loved writing. Not typing words but actually writing. I may not be good at it but it was something that soothed my soul and kept me calm. 315 more words

[Story] Imralion's Journal

Someone asked for me at the office, I thought at first it was one of the people I’d talked to on the Row, finally bringing me something useful. 737 more words


After the Rain

It’s raining here today.  As a kid, rain was a comfort to me.  Not sure why.  The louder and more demonstrative the storm, the better I felt.  513 more words


Messy Morning Roundelay

(Swain Residence, Short Tract, New York – 1863)
Written by  Susan Maria Swain (Mm. Van Nostrand)

Sometimes, when I read in diaries or letters with references to the “future generations” from my own direct descendants, I feel as an audience member watching a play where the fourth wall was broken. 936 more words


Chronicles of the Unemployed: 3 Counting Down to Panic

(The Sequel to My Internal Screaming Self & Camp Woes)

It’s here again. I can feel it with utmost certainty. My mind will shrivel down to basic functions. 1,034 more words



Spent the day with my love and it was AMAZING!

I was supposed to get the train but he decided to surprise me instead by picking me up on his… Brand new motorbike! 262 more words