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Learn More To Earn More 

Last week I pre-ordered my copy of Myleik Teele’s “Learn More to Earn More” Journal. I am constantly trying to better myself. I want to be more organized and arrange my thoughts in a way that makes it easier to execute them. 478 more words

Hello world!

When I journal, I feel freedom. I feel that I am placing my innards in this www and they will never die. For what it is worth, if I am writing what I do, what I feel, what I am going through, then I am writing for the audience of my soul, so when I am gone, if she, if I, if, I am hovering around somewhere and do find the re-incarnation theory to be true and I manage to be bright enough to find me, the me that is, that is. 119 more words



Wednesday had rolled around again, this ones was a little bit nicer then last weeks however. The swelling had started to go down, and there was only small remnants of pain. 80 more words


When you can hardly remember what his voice sounds like,

Thousands of memories collide like a small blip in this continuum.

Then a new caress holds you tenderly and offers you sweet sanctuary from the dark abyss of forgetting. 192 more words

What Old Love Letters Can Teach About Communication

We got to go into the archives today for my Photo/Text class and look at old diary entries. Fred Burwell the archivist is starting the Beloit Diary Project where he’s collecting people’s old diaries from around the Country. 266 more words



This site can simply be described as Indonesia’s “Tapastic”. Where users can share and upload their own comics, discover comics made by other users, it’s like Tapastic, but in Indonesia. 191 more words



Guilt. Guilt guilt guilt.

That’s all this is, right? Guilt for being me, guilt for liking this or that, guilt for not being me, guilt for being here, guilt for not leaving, guilt for leaving where I came from, guilt for existing. 203 more words