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Updates from the Last Weeks in Wisconsin

“The true self was the one you were everyday and no other. There was no secret self waiting for you somewhere. You were you. That was it.”

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Commentary 2015-05-04

I just was this and had to share.  It’s something that speaks of today, May 4th.

“May The 4th”, be with you!

Also, 146 = Prime[1] = 2, Prime = 73. 6 more words


Log: May 3 (Sun)

May 3 (Sun): Unknown

I can’t believe it but I forgot to celebrate May 2 and 3. I was going to this year. Well, there’s always next year (I’ve missed it for at least a decade now). 755 more words


First Video and Writing Entry. Second year.

My personal ‘Teaching Reflection’.

In the last two months I reflected on which activities are efficient to foster student’s communication and commitment to perform their tasks. 278 more words


Administration 101: Site Basics

I shouldn’t have posted those two entries one right after the other.  I was initially thinking of posting only once a week, so that the entries wouldn’t be in real time, more reflections after the fact, but I am impatient and hit that ‘post’ button without thinking (as I’m sure to do again after finishing typing up this entry).   179 more words

I'm Dead.

I don’t go to weddings often but I have definitely attended a lot more weddings than funerals, the first funeral I ever attended was my own. 312 more words