Day #15, Holiday Chaos

Good morning light seekers!

This year, we’re doing the holidays differently at my house. Instead of travelling and pushing ourselves to see everyone on the holiday, we are staying home. 234 more words


Day #14, Spend Time With Yourself

Happy Thursday, and here’s our last day of Light!

We all know that solo time is the first thing to go during the holidays. Family gatherings and parties with friends fill our time. 126 more words


Day #12, Create New Traditions

When our holidays change, which they naturally do over time, there can be a sense of loss involved. This year will be the first time Aaron and I haven’t been with either of our families for the holiday, and instead of dwelling on what we’re going to miss out on, we’re trying to create new memories that will be all our own. 96 more words


Day #11, Give Back

Happy Day 11, readers. I know Monday mornings, even this time of year, are tough to look forward to, but today we’re going to set our focus beyond ourselves. 122 more words


Day #10, Trimmings

Sunday, another well-deserved day of rest. How will you spend it?

I always start decorating early, too early some might say. Aaron and I play push and pull about when to get the tree each year. 109 more words


Day #8, Be the Light

Welcome to light, our second focus of #MindfullyEnding2016.

Light is the radiance, joy and spiritual connection we feel when our worlds find harmony. During the holiday season, we see lights everywhere. 190 more words


Day #7, Grow Your Gratitude

Happy Thursday, or Friday Jr. as we call it here in my office. I hope you all woke up to a little less rain and drear than you did yesterday. 129 more words