Ask- Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Soul

What do you want  to ask for, what do you need from  yourself, from others? If t his feels like too big of a question or too tender. 22 more words

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What do I... - Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls!

One of my favorite questions to ask as an act of self care is: (and one I know I have shared, but go back to again and again) 35 more words

Journaling Prompts

Psychological Safety and Creativity

This morning, I was reading a study published in Harvard Business Review about how high performing teams need psychological safety to perform at their best. 350 more words

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You Don't Have to Smile

When I started this blog, I was thinking about self expression as a person expressing him or herself in a creative way.  However, we express ourselves in a number of ways, including our facial expressions.  389 more words

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Exercise as Self Expression

This morning, I had an insight that I decided to share here.

I’ve been experimenting with Qi Gong, thanks to a friend at work.  Qi Gong is an exercise I enjoy.  455 more words

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Through a Glass of Chardonnay

If creativity is seeing things in a new way, what do you see when you look through a glass of chardonnay, sparkling water, or lemon-lime soda? 128 more words

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That Stubborn Feeling

For this Saturday’s self expression, I encourage you to take your journal and work out strategies you can use when you get stuck in your writing process. 118 more words

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