What would it feel like- Journal Prompt

Hey Empowered Souls!

I don’t think that we are even aware of the ways we might be standing in ou our way.

But most of us are in some way(s) or another. 28 more words

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Who you are vs.... Journal Prompt

Hey Lovely Souls!

This weeks prompt is inspired by (taken from) this inspirational saying I saw the other day….

Is what you are doing supporting who you want to be? 70 more words

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31 Days of Journaling Intro

One of my favorite blogs to read is The Art of Manliness.  The primary audience is geared towards men, but there is much good, practical information to be gleaned for a woman because some things are true regardless of gender.  251 more words

31-day Challenge

Wherever Journaling Leads...Go There

It has forever been thus: So long as men write what they think, then all of the other freedoms – all of them – may remain intact.

316 more words
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The Rules of Creative Writing

Creative writing is what it is: creative.  And what that means to me is that there are no rules, except there are actually many.

Make a List of Creative Writing Rules… 361 more words

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Five Fast Journaling Tips and a Giveaway

Here we are rolling through Write 31 Days, and I am still trying to juggle all the balls in my life at the moment and finding I have been dropping a few. 639 more words

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What is a Journal to You?

It’s Friday night, and I confess, I am sharing a few words that I wrote awhile back. BUT, it’s all grace, right? I was originally going to share from my morning journal…being the brave and crazy soul that I am. 265 more words

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