This month I... Journal Prompt

Hello Beautiful!

Seriously, can you believe it’s July already?

I love to set goals and intentions for the month to help me not just react to life but to hopefully respond to it. 94 more words

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Summer List - Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls..

This week summer began (or maybe for you it’s a different season.. this idea still applies!) The year has been flying by.. Spring brought several unexpected shifts so I felt like most of the season I was reacting vs responding. 105 more words

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How would you... Journal Prompt

Hey Inspiring Souls,

I have been thinking a LOT about fear lately and how often it becomes the deciding factor in what I do and don’t do.. 49 more words

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Currently- Journal Prompt

I believe that a journal can be all sorts of things to you. It can be a place to “dump” our feelings and process through various challenges in our lives, vent, celebrate, make lists , jot random thoughts  and document. 62 more words

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June dreams.. Journal Prompt

Hey Inspiring Souls!

As much as I would like to pretend that this month has not just crept up on us J it has.. So it’s time to explore your June, goals and dreams: 19 more words

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backgrounds video

so….does the video editing process ever get easier??  This is the question I keep aking myself.  I would assume that the anser is “Yes” over time. 38 more words


Purposefully- Journal Prompt

Hey Inspiring Souls!

There is so much that can fill our days, but are we filling them in a way that is mindful and on purpose? 24 more words

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