Fill you... Journal prompt(found)

Hey, Beautiful Souls!

This week’s journal prompt is this tea tag wisdom. How might you empty yourself, what comes up when you read this? Do you feel inspired, drawn in, curious or do you feel put off by it… 28 more words

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No longer mine... Journal Prompt

Hey Inspiring Souls!

We all carry so much. I believe that we are not alone, it’s not all ours to carry and what is ours to carry we are supported in seen and often unseen ways. 36 more words

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For My Brethren

I have been very busy “offline”. I have been writing, revising, gathering, and compiling. I’ve been reading, learning, stretching myself in ways I never imagined. I also feel I have been neglecting some of my longtime, faithful readers – so today before I rush out the door to share my latest poetry with our local writers’ group, I decided to open a journal (this one from January/February) and randomly share a previously unpublished page…which might possibly pass as a poem. 168 more words

Writing Life

Choose your own- Journal Prompt

Hey, Inspiring Souls…

I am of the belief that images can provoke memories, stories, feelings, dreams. So this wee’s journal prompt is the image in this post. 39 more words

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Can I... Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls!

This week’s journal prompt is one that we may need to ask ourselves over and over as we venture out of (or on the perimeter of) our comfort zone. 82 more words

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International Women's Day- Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls,

Today is International Women’s Day.  This week’s journal prompts are: (as always take what you feel called to leave the rest)

  • Make a list in your journal of how the women in your family, in your life have shaped you.
  • 45 more words
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