Space for- Journal Prompt

Hey Inspiring Souls..

In order to create the life we seek, we have to allow room for it, to create space for it.. So this week I encourage you to ask yourself… 19 more words

Journaling Prompts

Spring Dreams- Journal Prompt

Hey Inspiring Souls!

For many of us Spring is just about here so let’s lean into it with intention..

What are your dreams for this season? 33 more words

Journaling Prompts

Energy- Journal Prompt

Hey Inspiring Souls!

This is a question that has been put in front of my face a LOT lately.. On focusing in on what and who truly matters. 32 more words

Journaling Prompts

This month I -journal prompt

Hey Inspiring Souls,

It’s a fresh new month! It’s a great time to ask yourself..

What do I want to:
Create… 23 more words

Journaling Prompts

This month.. Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls..

These questions are ones I want to start asking myself at the end of each month (as they fly past me!) I thought you might find them  helpful as well. 26 more words

Journaling Prompts

remembering to remember ~ Monday Musings

So – I am your typical creative sort. We make a plan, execute it….and then let life derail us.  It is the immediate or pressing that seems to get all of the attention, like the noisy child or troublemaker in the family. 311 more words


Comfort- Journal Prompt

What brings you comfort? Where is it supporting you in creating a life you desire? Where could your attachment to it be hindering you in creating a life you desire? 9 more words

Journaling Prompts