What needs- Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls!

Today’s Journal prompt is simple yet powerful..

What needs to be heard right now in my life? 

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Journaling Prompts

Stepped it up... Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Soul!

It’s all too easy to focus on where we feel like we have fallen short. Instead let’s focus our energies even for a few minutes on where we have been brave, stepped up, been all in, shown up. 29 more words

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I trust.. Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls

a word and feeling that I have been connecting and resisting more and more is word Trust.. In order to do so many of the things I deeply desire (and resist) to do I need fierce trust. 58 more words

Journaling Prompts

The Jaws of Sin VS. Absolute Truth


As we come to the end of the most wonderful week of the year…ahem, Shark Week. I bring you the next post in my Summer Series, which was coincidentally, originally written in 2012 for my brethren, during… 1,030 more words


Gratitude + - Journal Prompt

Hey Inspiring soul!

Gratitude is an important part of an Inspired, Creative and Empowered life. So today think of 2-4 things you are grateful for and expand on them (this is an exercise I have done a few times for various courses/offerings and I loved it) 41 more words

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This month I... Journal Prompt

Hello Beautiful!

Seriously, can you believe it’s July already?

I love to set goals and intentions for the month to help me not just react to life but to hopefully respond to it. 94 more words

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Summer List - Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls..

This week summer began (or maybe for you it’s a different season.. this idea still applies!) The year has been flying by.. Spring brought several unexpected shifts so I felt like most of the season I was reacting vs responding. 105 more words

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