Lighten up- (Found) Journal Prompt

This week’s found prompt is: “Lighten up” This can be explored in so many different ways.. Internally, Externally etc..

What ways might you want to “Lighten Up”? 9 more words

Journaling Prompts

Remember- (Found) Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls,

I have been doing Journal Prompts for years on this blog. I am a huge advocate of journaling and I wanted to keep doing so, but to mix it up a bit. 48 more words

Journaling Prompts

Ten words.

I have a slight addiction to Pinterest.

Actually, that’s an inaccurate statement—I am extremely addicted to Pinterest.

I don’t see it as a bad thing, however. 171 more words

A Day In 10 Words

Day #37, No Excuses.

My biggest flaw is follow through. For 36 days this blog has gone up before 8am without fail. Except today, our second to last day of #mindfullyending2016, and also the last day of 2016! 58 more words

Journaling Prompts

Day #35, Intentions Make Us Strong

Good morning beautiful people! It’s just before midnight as I draft this post to you from bed. In order to be authentically on this journey with you, I’ve been scheduling posts only a few days at a time. 292 more words

Journaling Prompts

Day #33, Strength Gained

This time last year I could never have imagined the transformation we were in for. A trip around the Sun later, and we have a new city, solid foundation and a settled home.  145 more words

Journaling Prompts

Day #32, It's Not a Let Down

The day after Christmas has always been one of two things in my life. Either it’s a day in the car heading back home from my grandparent’s house, or it’s a quiet, cozy day at home. 143 more words

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