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I’m currently working at the DIA (Driving Instructors Association), which is a membership for all driving instructors. To spare you of the dull specifics of the insurance, breakdown covers and other services the company offer, I’ll jump to the part which involves the monthly magazine the DIA offers to it’s members. 58 more words

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Bear bile farming in China and Vietnam to be eradicated

7 June 2015

As of 2014, bear bile farming has seen over 10,000 bears incarcerated in China, and just under 2,000 in Vietnam.

“Each day, hundreds of bears are surgically mutilated for their gall bile on bear farms in China,” says Australian organisation, … 1,091 more words

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Australian dairy products fly 'farm to table' to China

23 May 2015

FOLLOWING the recent release of the 2014 Australia–China Trade Report by Australia China Business Council, China is now the top purchaser of all Australian agricultural products, and top dairy export market. 718 more words

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Tentative future for Pacific Island's 'climate change refugees'

25 April 2015

ATTITUDES to ignore climate change may suffice for now, but perhaps not in 50 years when our neighbours in the South Pacific must abandon their island nations due to sea level rise, and seek refuge elsewhere. 431 more words

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Brisbane Expo 'Journey Through My Mind' Touches Many

May 13, 2014

THE young and the old combine their artistic talents in a single marquee-art-gallery in the heart of Brisbane city. The exhibition presents 170 artworks by Queensland artists to raise awareness and support for creative minds with a ‘lived experience’ of mental illness. 1,225 more words

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'Super Typhoon' Maysak slams regions of Micronesia

4 April 2015

‘SUPER Typhoon’ Maysak has ploughed through the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) leaving nine dead in the State of Chuuk, and is now bound for the Philippines, with perhaps less grandeur. 739 more words

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The Alternative London Bike Tour

If you want to get your fix of breathtaking graffiti art, as well as, experiencing the amazing sights London has to offer whilst feeling the brisk wind flow through your hair, then look no further than Alternative London. 522 more words

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