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Plea to resolve gang and knife crime ignored

12:00, 7th December. 

Gang crime has risen by at least 30 percent in Birmingham in the last year and gang crime related homicides are the highest it’s been in the past 3 years across the West Midlands. 309 more words


Fox and Goose; the best pub around

15:00, 13th November.

Five star pub, The Fox and Goose earns amazing reputation as loyal customers praise the owners.

The Fox and Goose, established as a pub since 1914 holds the proud name of ‘the best pub’ by avid customers. 439 more words


Misconceptions of autonomous cars

They’re unsafe


A misconception often made, which scares people about driverless cars is the safety aspect. The ideology that passengers should be able to take control at any point during the journey in case of an accident in order to ensure safety. 364 more words


Croydon Cat Killer

12:30, 1st January.

Mystery of slaughters cats grows across the midlands as more animals are being harmed.

More than 250 pets have been found dead and mutilated since the first one found dead in Croydon 2014. 335 more words


Why we should transition to autonomous cars

Autonomous cars are becoming more and more readily available for the everyday commuter and car user, however not everyone is aware of the benefits autonomous vehicles can provide for them. 329 more words


Christmas season sales

17:00, 28th December.

Deemed one of the best places for shopping in the UK, the bullring has a lot of bargains during the Christmas season. 401 more words


How safe are autonomous cars?

How safe can autonomous vehicles be? Is the misconception of driverless cars far from reality?

Driverless cars have built in sensors, allowing them to find their way as well as detect objects on the road as a human would. 376 more words