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Indicators of News Diversity

When considering which factors determine whether a national press system is diverse or not the following factors should be taken into account:

  1. The number of different news sources, both public and private, which portray different points of view.
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Privacy Rights vs. Public Right to Know


Privacy concerns involve conflicts between a person’s individual interests and wider interests of society and the public’s right to know what government and other institutions do. 393 more words

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Tensions with sources: a complaint about your report


Imagine that a source is unhappy about your news report.

Describe how you might respond and handle the complaint.


First of all, I would ensure that I remained calm and collected in order to be polite, sincere and thankful to the source for contacting me with their feedback or criticism. 331 more words

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Reporting Disaster: Bus Crash

​My first priority would be to consider sensitivity at this time of disaster, ensuring to treat victims and witnesses with dignity and respect. I would clearly identify myself and try to gain access to the scene by making contact with a senior officer in control of the scene. 154 more words

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Conflicts of interest in Journalism: Gifts

Under no circumstances should you accept the gift. Not only is this too valuable a gift for it to be a genuine, but it is accompanied by a note which explicitly explains that this is a bribe and not a gift. 282 more words

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Jornalism - Ethics

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ)provide a union for Journalists throughout the UK. They have produced the above Code of Conduct which members agree to adhere to.

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Teacher's Pet


Hard-nosed newspaperman Jim Gannon (Clark Gable) pretends to be a night-school student to woo journalism teacher Erica Stone (Doris Day) in this romantic comedy. Forced by his editor to do a story on journalism courses, Gannon attends a lecture and is taken with the lovely Erica. 229 more words

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