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When the gullible enter the dead profession: J-school students will amass student debt, graduate unemployed and unemployable.

Journalism required critical thinkers and innovators.

Instead, it got rote narcissists with a bad case of hubris.

The tradition continues. I have chronicled the works of j-school students here, showing their numbness to reality and truth. 728 more words

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Throwing temper tantrums is not being political. Ignoring reality is not being brave. Following old rules is not being prudent. Why the future of journalism is still dead.

Journalists were a desperate breed that turned into an extinct species. They are trying to spin their demise in any way they can, and while the have decided to blame Trump, Russia, and Social Media for their own self-destruction, they are trying to scheme and find a way to deny their death. 1,703 more words

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How irrelevant are j-schools now? No one can think of anything better for them to do than provide anti-overdose training. Yes, j-schools are done.

This pathetic article on Al Jazeera’s website explains precisely why j-schools failed the profession:

US journalism students should undergo anti-overdose training

The article morally masturbates in public, praising anti-overdose training so that reporters can enable illness in people with substance abuse disorders…

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Student guest post: Fucious TV promotes hip-hop news in North Carolina

Students in MEJO 557, Advanced Editing, are writing guest posts for this site this semester. This is the ninth of those posts. David Fee is a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill studying journalism with minors in studio art and creative writing. 532 more words

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The Ivory Tower's migrating ideological hamster wheel and why j-schools cannot be modernized. They can only be replaced.

Journalism always need empirical methods, but it is not like academia. Academia is isolated from reality and has buffers. It can take decades to unfold and relies on outside funding from parties with vested interests in cures, technology, marketing, even entertainment. 676 more words

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It's always someone else's fault, but don't worry: it will all work out in the end. Journalism's broken mindset. Deflect, deny, and then be chipper.

The Guardian seems alarmed as the following headline signals:

Don’t give elites a legal way to strangle investigative journalism

Oh honey, that ship has sailed. Elites already strangled it.

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Student guest post: The crossover between editing and other media

Students in MEJO 557, Advanced Editing, are writing guest posts for this site this semester. This is the eighth of those posts. Brittney Robinson is a UNC-Chapel Hill transfer student studying journalism, with a prior degree in broadcasting and production. 614 more words

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