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Profile Of Kiandre Kolb

Watch out, Stewart’s Creek High: KiAndre Kolb is about to bust through the doors.

“I’m excited to start thinking about my future,” says the 14 year old from Smyrna, Tennessee who has already developed many interests, especially in the arts. 191 more words

Journalism & Media

LA Museum’s ‘Islamic Art Now’ offers powerful perspective on art in the Middle East

The relationship between the West and the Middle East has long been described as mystifying, misunderstood and more so an ideology that can only be infamously described as a clash of civilizations. 73 more words


Methinks they doth protest too much

Whilst not an accurate quote, it sums up quite neatly the artificial furore conjured up over the news that ‘Campbell Dead’ was under review by TV3. 131 more words

Social Commentary

Not Guilty for Family Development: Breaking the Silence on Sexual Abuse in Egypt

Sexual abuse is a topic that has long been silenced and shamed in many cultures and societies across the globe.

Almost 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18, leaving severe negative and long-term effects.

51 more words

Reclaiming the Runway: Baghdad hosts first fashion show in 27 years

Stepping out of the looming national violence and into the fashion spotlight, the city of Baghdad is once again reminding the world of its legacy as a historic cultural city. 26 more words


More single Emirati Women are Adopting Orphans than ever before

Emirati women are taking bold strides in forming their families beyond the conventional customs of the region and local culture. My latest feature on the increasing trends of adoption by single women in the United Arab Emirates. 7 more words


Why Muslims are Only Good for One ParticularType Of Headline

The Muslim-American community experiences more than just living in trepidation, but they are stuck in a vicious cycle of vilification and disparagement that is way beyond its expiration date. 42 more words