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Checkpoint: Reports that paint is drying


This report on Obama playing golf is an example of poor quality performance by RNZ. Not the reporter’s fault but that of the producers. Not Fake News but Non News ‘reported’ in prime time by reporter who spent much of the day doing nothing. Thought RNZ was budget constrained.

Hitchens on Salisbury

Peter Hitchens gives his view on the Salisbury poisoning.

The Revolving Door and Related Matters

In the past Adam has run some posts on the issue of lobbying, but more recent events have brought this to the forefront of his attention. 209 more words

Current Affairs - The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews David Parker

Today on The Nation, Lisa Owen interviewed David Parker. It was a good interview.

There is a link to the video, though again Adam is appalled that interviews in a programme funded by NZ on Air there is no download, yet RNZ make their publicly funded content available. 3,557 more words