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Grammar Geeks Wage War Against Grammar Gremlins

Its flattering that your reading this post because their so many other things you could be doing right now.  Did you see what I did there?  997 more words

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Engaging and Dazzling Descriptive Writing

Descriptive writing is like poetry.  It speaks to all of the senses for a truly captivating experience for your audience.  Yes, we can use visuals to show people what we’re talking about in broadcast news, movies, blogs, vlogs, and newspaper articles, but even the best images are lost if they don’t have some descriptive copy to accompany them.  694 more words

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Concise Writing: Less is Best

What does the word concise mean?

You want to convey your message without extraneous words; get to the point.

Why do we want to be concise?  291 more words

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STAY ACTIVE!  The Art of Using Active Voice


  • What is active writing?

Simply put, when you engage in active writing, you construct the sentence so the subject does the action.  437 more words

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Lead Me to a Good Story, but Don’t Lead Me Astray

Congratulations!  You have found everything you need to know about writing compelling, memorable, and POWERFUL broadcast news leads in this short article.

So why is it important to be successful at writing leads?  1,266 more words

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Ready, Set, WRITE!!

Lead Me to a Good story, but Don’t Lead Me Astray

You want to write a great lead line to a story.  It takes practice!  Below are the fictional stories where you can give it a try, but first check out the article about how to write great lead lines.   518 more words

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Huffington Post: Why should you intern?

In your journalism classes, you learn you need to include the five W’s in your reporting. Now, maybe you should ask those questions to yourself, specifically… 92 more words

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