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IDLES, The Fonda, May 22 2019

My self-imposed no ‘tattooed white shouty geezers with guitars’ ban has been lifted. IDLES came to LA ahead of a lot of hype and buzz and for me more than delivered. 141 more words


Fontaines DC, The Fonda, May 22 2019

Fontaines DC. Raucous, spikey post-punk. The lead singer twitched around the stage like a nervous featherweight, taut and coiled, Barry McGuigan meets Ian Curtis. A lot of buzz about this Dublin born.band and for good reason.


Learning the art of listening

It struck me today how fortunate I was to have been a journalist.


Real journalists ask questions, lots of questions, and most of their time is spent listening to the answers — getting the responses right but also thinking about the responses. 414 more words


Canaries in the free press coalmine

Dear President Trump,

Over the past week there’s been at least one copyediting error in about a fifth of the articles I read in the WP. 768 more words

Democracy Under Siege

Being open about suicide

I was just watching a video where Anderson Cooper is interviewing Howard Stern last night and I’ve always liked Anderson Cooper, he has a calm demeanor and he just seems like a really nice guy, really intelligent and caring and passionate about journalism. 177 more words

Eating the Rich Hopefully a Manifesto Promise!

Ermina Cassel a 25 year old law clerk and Rowan Patterson 34, a tour operator who works an area with much potential but scant profit are but two of the many downtrodden members of the fabled middle class. 249 more words


Was the Law Always This Judgmental?

It’s been a rough week or so for freedoms of all kinds. Top of mind is the list of states that have decided they have the right to police women’s bodies. 915 more words