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22) 'sea of dreams' by oberhofer

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It’s a little weird to be talking about things that just happened. Well, for the past 13 years, this blog has been talking about things that just happened. 407 more words

The Viaduct

Science Writer Interview

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How did you get involved in science and eventually decide to become a scientist?
I grew up mostly in the Middle East and went through the British education system. 2,371 more words


Discover Why Celeste Headlee Thinks 'We Need To Talk' [REVIEW]

Do you ever get the feeling that you just can’t seem to connect with others anymore? Or have you ever avoided conversation because no matter what you say, it triggers a shouting match? 635 more words


Prompt Blog #4

“Compare and contrast public relations and advertising. How are the two alike and


At first glance one might think public relations and advertising were synonymous, but that is not completely true.  161 more words

Winter sunsets

Winter sunsets are always the brightest.
The days are shorter, the nights are darker.

It’s November,
and even though it’s cold enough to see your breath in the air… 142 more words

State of Independence X

While the independence related protests continue in Barcelona, their number and attendance is very much reduced. This is a short set of film images taken at night at a protest in support of the politicians and independence group leaders currently on remand in Madrid following their unilateral declaration of Catalan independence. 588 more words


Enterprising Thoughts

Sorry to say not only is this a personal note but also it is one of many to come. I am trying. I am trying to form stronger writing habits. 631 more words