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Marley Dias Gets It Done by Marley Dias

For once, I can say that I knew about something from the get go! As a former and hopefully soon-to-be-again middle school teacher, I like to keep up to date on what’s going on with middle schoolers’ reading habits. 259 more words


Journalists: Brave and Empathetic

In the most heart-wrenching, raw, and genuine way, Diana Sugg tackled the question a lot of people ask but don’t care to seek the answer: what the real purpose is of journalists and writers in general.  538 more words

Powerful Lessons from Indian Country

Infusing Indian Thought in Social Theories

I teach a course for college sophomores on social theories and how they relate to my field: communication.

Writers who set the stage for Western thought—lots of French, German, British, Italian and American theorists—argue that social systems forge the foundation for understanding how meaning is infused into our communication. 269 more words

Native Science

Columnist's phony 'compromise offer' to the politically correct

Accusing the Denver Post of pandering by proxy to the ignorant, intolerant right end of the political spectrum by publishing pieces like this one by Jon Caldara might be a bit of a stretch, but what the hell. 230 more words