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The Day I Met Nigella Lawson

It was a mild November day as the sun set over University College Dublin. The stage was set for one of the biggest events of the year as the college welcomed Food Writer and Journalist Nigella Lawson. 251 more words


My reporting seems more plausible by the day, IMO.

Everything that I learn about Scientology makes me more convinced that I’m correct.

I wouldn’t be making public claims if I didn’t think I was correct, BTW. 164 more words


Media Arts Intern for ReFraming Justice podcast at American Friends Service Committee-Arizona (AFSC-AZ)

Fields: journalism, communications, design, correctional system, criminal justice

Location: Tucson, Arizona

About the Organization: AFSC-AZ is a non-profit organization dedicated to achieving social justice. The mission of the Tucson office is to reduce the size and scope of the criminal punishment system through policy-making, legislative advocacy, and media work. 129 more words


Hillary Clinton’s email scandal wasn't fake news

Remember 2016? Yes, I also wish I didn’t. But today, many journalists are asking what the media did wrong that year, so that they don’t repeat the same mistakes in 2020. 1,257 more words

AI Hands off my blog! Should we be worried?

The full extent of what AI can do is being kept secret because the creators are terrified of the devastation it could unleash.( refer “Microsoft’s AI chatbox, Tay, tweeting about Hitler”). 409 more words


Teachers, tantrums, and telephone games

This is exactly the kind of nothing-burger journalism I disavow, but I poked a few links on a Twitter feed and wound up reading on out of curiosity so now I have these thoughts in my head I need to get out, not least because I haven’t seen any adult-sounding commentary on this episode, at least not in the chain of commentary I followed. 1,595 more words


Vietnam Bao Chi by Marc Phillip Yablonka

Most Vietnam War histories on the broadcast media focus on, and critique, civilian coverage of the war. TV television coverage brought the war into America’s living rooms and many believe turned public opinion against the war. 463 more words