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Light and Dark

This will probably be the first and last post where I’m this free-spoken, but I know this will be therapeutic. I know we all have bad days, but what do you do when the closest people to you are just gone in a matter of seconds? 148 more words

Melbourne businesses key to city's green future.

Map of Collected Waste in Melbourne

Hospitality and retail businesses will be the latest contributors to the City of Melbourne’s long- term goal of becoming a green city, thanks to the new… 471 more words

We all know objectivity is dead

“We all know that objectivity is dead, we don’t need you shoving it in our face so very blazingly”. Onkgopotse JJ Tabane said this in an article as he was trying to understand Max Du Preez letter to Karima Brown. 881 more words

Right Now, A Story Worth Telling.

So far in this blog, I’ve talked quite a bit about the process of radio journalism. I’ve discussed the need to listen for sounds for stories, of the challenge of prioritizing the important things over the urgent and of choosing a focus. 383 more words


The Future for Louisville Sports

So as I have written in my previous posts the University of Louisville Athletic program has taken some major turn of events the past 4 weeks. 433 more words


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Weekender, October 15 2017

Did you know what happened to Succorine Bai at the ‘beech’ (beach)? Find out on her you tube channel Sogleache Succorine. 8 more words

I, on the other hand, sometimes wonder if I should have gone to Washington. I didn’t go myself. The lead reporter on a winning campaign typically goes to Washington as a White House Correspondent.

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