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TV news and content needs social media to survive

More people go online than they watch TV for news and content. I challenge you to prove me wrong. Come on! Prove me wrong! And if you do, I’ll give you a… 662 more words


Online Professional Development Resources for Writers & Journalists

I love school.

I have always been a sit-at-the-front-of-the-room kind of student, thanks, no doubt, to my parents, who were the first in their respective families to go to college. 843 more words

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PTI Looking for Business Journalist

The Press Trust of India Ltd (PTI) is looking for experienced journalists for editorial positions at its Business Desk in New Delhi. Required Experience: 4-8 years of experience in mainstream news organizations on business/economic desks. 40 more words

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Multiple Journalist's vacancies at IANS in New Delhi

Indo-Asian News Agency (IANS), India’s independent news agency, is looking to hire journalists on the desk and reporting. The designations being offered for the right candidate include Sub-Editor, Senior Sub-Editor, Chief Sub-Editor and Deputy News Editor with experience between two and fifteen years. 29 more words

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Future Pulitzer categories

Earlier today the finalists for the 2015 Pulitzer Prizes were announced. Over the years, the awards have resisted change, despite the web, social media, and other cultural and technological movements having led to new, innovative, and often suspect storytelling forms and practices. 913 more words


JLB Episode 12 - Two Little White Hair Twin Boys


In this mush episode we talk about our first sponsor, some relationship advice, and Journalist Jill takes on her first case while eating some poppas. 53 more words


To all the young journalists asking for advice....

Dear budding journalist,

Thanks very much for your email! I’m always happy to meet just about anybody, and would love to find some time to have that coffee with you. 2,292 more words

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When I read this article, two things jumped out at me which leads me to maintain that journalism as a profession remains a viable and desirable career. The first is that anything out of style which has a market is something you should be learning. In our generation, people were told to be doctors, lawyers or professors. Nowadays, these jobs are difficult to come by and the conditions for those who get their foot in the door are less than desirable. Put simply, that's because the supply of graduates in this field is greater than the demand from the market for these professionals. On the other hand, nurses, construction and energy professionals have seen strong opportunities relative to the public push from society for these workers. In the same way, if no one is studying journalism today, there will surely be a shortage of content creators in the next generation - and those who stuck through will be rewarded accordingly. Regarding journalism itself, its not that journalism is dead, its that the face of journalism is changing. The old model for media has basically been a hour glass. A ton of stories were available and seeking an audience in one bulb, and the masses were hungry for valuable and entertaining content in the other bulb. What stood between them were content providers that acted as a funnel which curated what was appropriate for society and people. Content creators were forced to associate with and work for the content providers to let their voices and skillset be heard. In today's world, the neck has shattered and content creators can reach their audience directly. Platforms like WordPress and Medium allow journalists to connect with readers seamlessly. This means that things which a media company previously took responsibility for (branding, curation, revenue, etc) are now on the responsibility of the journalist, but it also means that they have more control. While it seems a bit chaotic, valuable content will rise to the forefront as people share quality organically, recognize past performance of individuals (not corporations) and new platforms that balance the empowerment of media creators while tailoring to the needs of the audience will rise to create an environment for journalism suitable for the new generation. In old adage is to "buy low, sell high". In the same way, when the masses are bearish, we should always figure out why, and see what a rebound for this would look like. Our world continues to change, but the needs of people are constant. There is a market for quality content, it will be interesting to see how people access it in the future.