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A new site from the PNIG crew (that is to say, me)

Hello friends,

Firstly, thank you for reading and for your continued support for this blog and for my other writing.

I would just like to draw your attention to my new site, which is called Books About Sport and is about books, books that are about…you get the picture. 91 more words


'Jazz Baby': A Novel By Author Beem Weeks

While all Mississippi bakes in the scorching summer of 1925, a sudden orphanhood casts its icy shadow across Emily Ann Teegarten, a pretty young teen. 310 more words


In the press: Proposed Indiana rules for e-cigarette liquids wouldn't add 'vaping' to statewide smoking ban

Proposed regulations for the liquids used in electronic cigarettes that advanced Wednesday in the Indiana Legislature wouldn’t add “vaping” to the state’s smoking ban as the state attorney general and several health advocacy groups had requested.  57 more words

Sun Four Trial: Silencing journalists the 'hallmark of authoritarian regimes', defence tell jury

A defence barrister at an ongoing trial involving four senior staff from the Sun has told an Old Bailey jury that former editor Rebekah Brooks has been “removed from the narrative.” 387 more words


Anthropocene Apocalypse - we take for granted the things around us. We won't miss it until it's gone.

We make assumptions that the world around us will remain as it is whatever we do to the life on it. We create Sci-Fi visions of the future in which we continue to live in vast numbers in massive urban conurbations where all other life has been eradicated. 378 more words


A career in social media: from Theology to Microsoft

I work in the relatively new and very fast paced world of social media and web content. I’m employed by a first party Xbox video games studio to run their social channels (nine channels over six platforms) and create content for their website. 369 more words

Alumna Post

Desensitisation to what's real and what's not

Desensitisation is a process whereby people and generally speaking, society as a whole has become numb to bad things. And what do you expect with so many negative messages being portrayed in the media? 303 more words