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The Most Popular Food Market in Barcelona

Barcelona’s famous food market “La Boqueria” is one of the most famous food markets in the world. The market has a lot of history to it, and believe it or not it has been here since the year 1217. 1,229 more words


Xanxiety; The new sweeping craze

Xanax is a drug from the Benzodiazepine family. It contains Alprazolam which affects chemicals within the users brain in order to counteract the negative and unwanted feelings of anxiety attacks. 329 more words

China's J-20 Stealth Fighter: Ingenuity at Work

By Keira Mosley      March 21st, 2018

As of February 2018, China’s newest stealth fighter— the Chengdu J-20—has actively entered service in the People’s Liberation Army Air Force. 258 more words

Deconstructing Propaganda, Part Three: Rigging structures to nullify content. You think you think differently than your ideological opponent? Think again.

When you are a radical centrist, you become one because you become aware that content of thought is only part of the message. When I began A Dangerous Woman Story Studio, I did so because the Patriarchal structure of all Western stories bored me. 460 more words

Alleged Journalism

Sarah Sanders' Buttplug Bonanza

I sure love to attend press briefings by clueless cunts who act as if their arseholes have been violated too many times by invisible perverts, especially by someone like Sarah Sanders. 638 more words

Journalism Schools Are Getting a 'Trump Bump' Thanks to Fake News

This is anything but fake news.

Journalism schools are seeing a “Trump bump” of their own, with more students showing an interest in the media and the ways politicians use it to their advantage. 325 more words


Mobile Journalism

The fast-acting world of mobile journalism is revolutionizing the way reporters share information today. News crews are becoming less important and mobile phones more important. The multi-faceted phones that can record video, follow GPS and call/text within seconds. 589 more words