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Emergency Drill

This morning, I covered an emergency disaster drill. I knew I’d be trudging through weeds so time to keep it simple.

Amethyst jeans – my favorite pair! 15 more words


Blast of fresh air

Maybe somewhere in a humble abode, a frail Conrado de Quiros sits by his lonesome, reading today’s paper with the same sharp mind and the same passion for the nation he loves. 491 more words

Conrado De Quiros

All Out Of Bubblegum

The Fairness Doctrine was a set of regulations that were adopted by the Federal Communications Commission in 1949, which applied to radio and television broadcast license holders. 979 more words


Of By For

Of By For is a documentary about the American political system. I enjoyed the film and recommend watching it…..but…..Yes, there’s a but…

Frankly, the interview conducted, the things said, and the history illustrated is BOTH important and frequently covered. 168 more words


Tabloid Man

Just for the record, let me introduce my boss, Sal Valente. Picture a fat, middle-aged former union thug with one rolled up cotton sleeve revealing a tattoo of himself. 877 more words


Disruption = Opportunity

It appears that De Marchis and Briggs share similar views when it comes to entrepreneurship and  journalism. In his book, Entrepreneurial Journalism, Briggs urges his readers to remember that, “Change and disruption mean opportunity.” In his… 342 more words

Balanced Perspectives

With my story finalised, I have begun summarising my research while making sure it presented a balanced perspective on my topic.

Muhlmann (2008) notes that the public is unified by a demand for truth and it is the journalist’s role to present information in a balanced manner. 228 more words