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Bunkum 3: Dink Interblink, Star Reporter


Dink Inkerblink has a scoop!

Mr. Cloy’s students get out of hand!

Amazing impressions!

The story of the century!

All for your lucky, lucky ears on Bunkum!


Three Women by Lisa Taddeo

To paraphrase various interviews and articles (just google the author’s name and the title of her book!) Lisa Taddeo met with many men and women over the course of about a decade, taking notes on their intimate lives and writing about it, ultimately choosing just three women to showcase in her journalistic, nonfiction-but-reads-like-a-novel tome. 319 more words

Day 198: Interviews

So I’ve been spending the week interviewing people for my first ever magazine article. Although it’s just a local magazine, I am very excited to write the article. 151 more words

365 Days Of Writing

Southern Group of Motoring Writers Annual Beaulieu Classic Event

I can’t wait for this amazing writers group event happening soon!

Earlier this year I was very honoured to be granted membership to the esteemed Southern Group of Motoring Writers (SGMW) which I’m told, and I absolutely believe, is the best automotive writers group of them all in the UK! 673 more words


On Tour with Tabloid (Dirty Laundry Book 1) by Jackie Paxson and Meet the Author

This feels like the perfect summer book.

Tabloid (Dirty Laundry Book 1) by Jackie Paxson is a romantic comedy.

1 gossip writer + 1 A-list movie star = 1 fake relationship…or does it? 1,376 more words


My Life Over

I was a solicitor’s clerk and a journalist but not at the same time. So I was often in court and at council meetings. Some lawyers are both lawyers and politicians. 367 more words


An Open Letter to College Freshmen about Media Literacy

Dear College Freshmen,

As you embark in this college journey, be prepare to question all the information that you see online. As a future communicator, you need to start cultivating the habit of questioning every source of information that comes your way. 132 more words