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Is This the Kind of Journalistic Integrity You Had in Mind?

Are these journalists, interviewing Jobs in 2010, representing a high standard of truth-telling and fact-digging?  They are Walt Mossberg, and Kara Swisher, widely considered to be among the “best” tech journalists. 201 more words

Prompt 3- Deeper Into ITruth

Games That Kill: Sex, the “Justice System,” Accusal, Restraining Orders, and the News

“‘She likes playing the little mind games too,’ he remarked. ‘She’s not quite as innocent as she makes it out to be.’”

—A Texas man to the police, 16 hours before he killed his girlfriend and himself… 1,038 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

Ethics, shmethics

Riddle me this, Batman: How is a political blogpost like a roadkill skunk?

The apparent answer: At first their stench makes them unfit for polite company, but after three weeks or so the smell goes away. 268 more words

The Media

Молдавские СМИ: на пути реабилитации социокультурной реальности

The article deals with analysis of the processes that form the culture of publicity in the Republic of Moldova. The author has analyzed different forms of critical consideration of the role of mass media and journalism in the process of forming public discourse. 82 more words