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Pro and Con Persuasive Speeches on Journalistic Ethics

Here is where I argue that “off the record” is a guideline, not an actual rule

Here is where I argue that despite not being law, “off the record” should mean something


Kevin Crull Versus the Code of Journalistic Ethics

On Thursday, March 26, the chairman of the CRTC (the Canadian broadcast regulator), Jean-Pierre Blais, announced the so-called “pick-and pay” policy that will give consumers more freedom to choose cable and satellite TV channels. 137 more words

Commentary on Chan v. Ellis, a Restraining Order Appeal Recently Decided by the Georgia Supreme Court

The details and outcome of Chan v. Ellis, a case chronicled in several prior posts on this blog, provide an education in restraining order abuse and the First Amendment. 1,049 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

Right and Wrong?

I’d like to think most people have a strong set of morals and that people have a grasp on what is wrong and right. It isn’t always clear, but people generally tend to do the right thing. 533 more words


STINKIER: Not Only Do the Courts Toss Most Restraining Order Petitions, a Lot of the Ones That Are Finalized Are Later Withdrawn by Their Petitioners

A couple available rejection rates for restraining order petitions filed with the courts were scrutinized in the last post. Those rates, based on news reports out of Colorado (1998) and Connecticut (2014) were high: roughly… 680 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

Is This the Kind of Journalistic Integrity You Had in Mind?

Are these journalists, interviewing Jobs in 2010, representing a high standard of truth-telling and fact-digging?  They are Walt Mossberg, and Kara Swisher, widely considered to be among the “best” tech journalists. 201 more words

Prompt 3- Deeper Into ITruth

How the Daily Inquirer makes the Philippines an angry nation

I’ve argued that Philippine media contribute in a major way to the dysfunction, strife and negative attitudes many Filipinos have toward their nation, their government, specific people (such as President Aquino), and even Filipinos as a whole. 2,230 more words


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Our media tends to get away with so many things because they're how we get our information. As with everything else, we need to demand more from them, if we are to make our own decisions fairly and knowledgably.