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Palestine: Crackdown on Journalists, Activists | Human Rights Watch

Original Article – HRW: https://www.hrw.org/news/2016/08/29/palestine-crackdown-journalists-activists

“Both Palestinian governments, operating independently, have apparently arrived at similar methods of harassment, intimidation and physical abuse of anyone who dares criticize them,” said… 6,206 more words


Confessions of an expat - You're listening to Radio Expat

There have been times when, in my capacity as a freelance journalist, I have found myself in press conferences where I knew nothing and nobody. Not long after we arrived in Suriname, there was just such an instance. 1,122 more words


(Don't) Stick to the Status Quo

In my brief time as a journalism student, I’ve seen the media landscape transform as new ways of distributing information surface. The trending news topics on my Facebook page are becoming more relevant to me as Facebook learns what stories I’m most interested in. 408 more words


This BBC Wales programme about Mavis Nicholson, the absolutely wonderful TV interviewer, is a must-watch for anyone interested in celebrity culture. She interviewed the biggest names in showbusiness, starting on an innocuous afternoon show aimed at women, and always got the greatest answers from them, due to her honesty and rapport with her subjects. 861 more words

Pretty in Pink

Each year extraordinary story telling is recognized and celebrated at the Radio and Television Correspondent Association dinner. It’s an evening to honor the work of fellow journalists, mingle, and laugh all night. 104 more words


Channeling Voltaire - Report From Death

There are many who live in this world of ours who both embrace and fear Death. Some have even come and gone, returned, sojourners, and have testified to a life beyond life, a passage, filled with intense visual imagery, weaving their connections into an encouraging and gratifying mosaic of what comes. 21 more words


Journalist tries to summarize 8% of teens not on social media

Most American teenagers use social media. So, how should a journalist go about finding about those who do not?

Such abstention from social media places him in a small minority in his peer group.

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