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#BlackLivesMatter: ladyscribe

⭐SUGA T⭐ Not only the sister to rapper #E40, she’s an Author, Actor & Songstress too!!! w/ a new Book, Reality TV Show, and R&B Album dropping later this year!!! 90 more words


Power and Bullying

The platformed person continues to deny that their behaviour is bullying. This is either naive or just on the defensive. As it drags on the age, gender, political affiliation aspects have become irrelevant. 271 more words

Difficult to believe.

I sit here listening to the NPR radio station – it has classical music; now the news is on.

Then a ‘news program’ comes on. The Leftist News Reader is interviewing two Leftist ‘experts’ about the problem of ISIS – DASH in Arabic – and the subject is introduced about how to best blame President Bush for the current mess. 372 more words

Idiot Politicians

Scapegoat Journalist

My old employer, if there was a change in law, legislation, policy or procedure would have immediately booked us all on an awareness day before we could say Deprivation of Liberty Act. 460 more words

Corporal Frisk’s Guide to how to Spell Aircrafts Correctly

Yesterday Swedish newspaper Expressen ran the headline ’B52-planen i Sverige som ska skrämma Putin’ (Eng. ’B52-planes in Sweden to scare Putin’), without a dash in the B-52 designation, while… 1,272 more words


10 Things to Know Before Dating a Female Journalist

An insightful blog post from Jen Herring’s page. I read it from time to time as a good reminder and justification of our actions. ;) 1,294 more words

Playing keep up

Preparing students for the changing journalism environment has Canadian j-programs debating what should stay and what should go in an effort to keep ahead of industry needs. 127 more words