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Hostile Environment Training for Journalists & Media Services

Hostile Environment Training for Journalists & Media Services

Over the years we have interacted with many journalists and reporters who routinely work in hazardous and hostile environments, … 254 more words


Should the news you see be chosen by Journalists or by its Popularity?

No doubt you’ve seen the commotion about how Facebook picks stories for its Trending section after several former workers said they were told not to feature certain news sites.  693 more words


Power, culture and the state press in Ghana

Here is a sixth (6th) set of notes under the broad theme of media and change in preparation for the volume Postill, J., E. Ardevol and S. 508 more words

Glenn Greenwald | The Intercept is Broadening Access to the Snowden Archive. Here's Why

 The SIDtoday documents run a wide gamut: from serious, detailed reports on top secret NSA surveillance programs to breezy, trivial meanderings of analysts’ trips and vacations, with much in between.

1,087 more words
National Security Complex

'Brick shithouses running into each other': The Blizzard Q&A in Edinburgh

Against all odds, including a diarrhea-blighted greyhound, Tour de France lite, and Edinburgh, my pal Scott and I made it to The Blizzard‘s inaugural Scottish Q&A event at… 397 more words


I am a citizen journlaist

Here is a video about citizen journalism:

Citizen journalism is where members of the public collect information then write and publish the material so numerous people can view it. 236 more words

Wave of high pressure on journalists to cause worst silly season yet, say Met Office

The Met Office has issued a warning to all citizens of the UK today, as it predicts a longer and more volatile silly season than has ever been seen before. 184 more words