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Assange Exposes The Truth About Corporate Media: “You Are Reading Weaponized Text”

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange called “very, very, very inaccurate” corporate presstitutes “opportunistic snipers” in an interview over the weekend, accusing newspapers of printing “weaponized text.” 990 more words


Closing Thought--21Feb17

To Bot Or Not To Bot?  That is the question.

If you spend too much time on the ‘net then I am positive that you have run into a bot or something similar…..my Spam folder is usually full of bot replies to my posts….I am sure that everyone that has a blog will have them lurking about….I have even heard that there are bots that reply and almost sound human….but if I think it is a Bot I will reply in some way that will expose it….. 349 more words


Intellectual Integrity in the Age of Trump ... "Wall Street Journal" Foreign Affairs Columnist, Bret Stephens, Speaks Out

A few days ago, February 18, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Bret Stephens gave the Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture at the University of California, Los Angeles. … 335 more words

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County to discuss unruly social gatherings expansion

This piece was written for “The Towerlight” at Towson University as an Assistant News Editor. Check out this, and other stories from The Towerlight here: 476 more words


Fake News

Americans view fake news every time they visit the internet and stand in line at the grocery store. Journalists are not the creators of fake news, the fake news creators are the publicists. 118 more words

President Trump

“Systematic” increase in violence against journalists in past decade

This is a report from United Nations Radio.

Organised crime, ethnic and armed conflicts and a rise in demand for information from the public about corruption has resulted in more acts of violence against journalists. 67 more words

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For the person or for the story?

How far do you go to get enough information for your story? It was as if I could almost feel what The Baltimore Sun reporter, … 715 more words

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