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Journal #15

On December 14th, I had my portfolio review, I believe my presentation went very well and I got a lot of helpful feedback.  I now see the mistakes I made and I now know how to fix and overcome my mistakes. 63 more words

Journals And Sketchbook

Journal #14

For the PSG I was a active member in the design and creation of my group project. I had the role of researcher, for this job I researched all of the info that was on the project. 120 more words

Journals And Sketchbook

Art Walk Write-up

On the night of October 19th, I attended an art walk around to Alfred University and to Alfred States fine art galleries. I visited about Alfred Ceramic 7 different art shows during the duration of this art walk but one stood out to me more than others. 363 more words

Journals And Sketchbook

La Jetée

The movie La Jetée by Chris Marker was an interesting movie about a man in Paris, France around WWIII living underground as a prisoner after the world was destroyed by atomic bombs. 237 more words

Journals And Sketchbook

Journal-Week 14

My role in this group project was to research terms that will benefit incoming freshman. The assignment was to make a brochure and poster survival guide. 212 more words

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