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Cozy Mornings

I’m in this cute little cafe, with gigantic fluffy teddy bears, full of books and colored shelves. I couldn’t be any happier with this. The rain has poured, strong winds come and go. 105 more words


Edward Snowden and the Battle for Privacy

in the realm of privacy where creativity, dissent, and challenges to orthodoxy germinate. A society in which everyone knows they can be watched by the state – where the private realm is effectively eliminated – is one in which those attributes are lost, at both the societal and individual level.

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Happy Birthday America!

I don’t know about you but I love the 4th of July.  I love the festive nature of the holiday and all the wonderful red, white and blue crafts used to celebrate America’s birthday. 600 more words

Under $25

Friday Links

Happy Friday! And for those of you here in the U.S., happy Independence Day weekend! Please make sure you stay safe in the midst of all your revelry. 196 more words


my poem Eternal Return along with the painting Falling Girl by Dame-Glenn Brady

Eternal Return in VEXT Magazine

So she took a lover. (Or did the lover take her?)

So many years have passed between then
and now. It’s hard to sort it out. 247 more words


The African-American Journey

It started with slavery, people being taken away from their homeland on ships, and taken to America. We can  picture it:  The African people loaded down in chains, in a completely different environment, with no hope of ever seeing their family or home again. 819 more words