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On Being Myself

Cheyenne Kimbrell is a recent college graduate currently living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She shares with Mother Muse Co. the story of her past year -a transitional period – in hopes that others can relate to her story and find strength for their own journeys. 891 more words


Lines and Curves.

The sun was up on the horizon as I wake up from my deep slumber. Memories of yesterday continued to play like a broken vinyl record in my mind, but I have no regrets. 271 more words

Random Thoughts

Let's Do Fast Talk

Let me try!!!!

-Hip hop or rap? rap!!!

-Sneakers , leather? sneakers!!

-how many times did you fall in love? never!

-how many times you take a bath? 431 more words


What do you want to keep in your life?

  1. Family- They are the reason why I keep on moving with my life. As much as possible, I don’t want to lose another one. It’s very hard.
  2. 60 more words

Are you happy now?

Few days ago, I stumbled upon installing an app, called Question Diary. So, I decided to post my answers here in my personal blog. Much better. 262 more words


Journal #2

Hey guys!

So, I was sick with bronchitis about a month ago. Right after I started feeling better… I got sick again, but this time it was a sinus infection. 411 more words



The question for today:My Dream Job

It’s kind of a tie for me, I love writing and I love fashion. I would love to have like a fashion franchise one day with upcoming designers signed to my business, I guess like a site that sells different brands but I won’t be restricted to selling alone. 155 more words