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From My Journals 1977-78

I had the pleasure of living in St. Helena, Napa Valley, CA in the late 1970’s.    My poems were written under the name Joy Martin. 218 more words


Bullet Journal

So I read about these bullet journal things about three months ago and was intrigued and quite excited, having worked out I had about 12 unused notebooks that various people had given me over the years. 255 more words


Can I just give up for one or two days


Day Thirteen


I really can’t wait for this weekend. It’s been a good week at my work but I just can’t wait to sit down and get some writing done. 427 more words


Norman Theriot, July 4th, 2015

If you would like to respond to Norman Theriot, you may contact him at this address:

Norman Theriot 01460331

TOJC Telford Unit

3899 State Hwy 98

New Boston, TX 75570


The Robin Hood of Academia

Under the current economic systems, Robin Hood would be jailed for at least a decade with a $100k fine hanging over him, if not more. Of course, he was taking something tangible, not digital, and helping out a people sorely in need. 2,106 more words

Tech News And Opinions

The Top Ten Things To Do In Prep Year

10.Listening music loudly in Sculpture Class



7.Listening to Serial in CORE class

6.Going to school’s Halloween party

5.Celebrating birthday in school

4.Attending to a competition while you have free time… 14 more words