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Carlo's Axe

West New York, circa 1922

My grandfather, glowing in white shirtsleeves,

descended the stairs to ground level

where terra cotta tiled the darkness

with the clay of Calabria. 19 more words


We found a cruise ship. Thinking that there might be some survivors, we boarded … the Feather nearly died from the swarms of undead who flooded the halls. 23 more words

Iron Eagle

"If I do say so myself..."

Good Morning You,

It’s 9:47a.m. and I’ve just arrived home from a run to Target (but that store, though. I walked out with just what I needed after becoming only slightly distracted. 413 more words



I didn’t sleep last night. I couldn’t. Between the news my brother gave me yesterday and my own self-judgments, I found no rest beside my love, no sweet dreams seeping up from my pillow. 274 more words


In the mood for weird

wine descriptions. Utterly odd…

Wet New York streets,


sweetened cat litter,

plastic straw,

fast food cup…



Mission Possible

My heart is full of joy when I was called to go on a short term mission trip last March. I never expected to be called after I tried to apply and waited for ten months. 1,001 more words


Love Yourself

Hey guys sorry I’ve been a little off lately but I promise to get back at it. So today I just wanted to give you a little life update. 257 more words