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77. Somber

Today, a member of the Journalspace group on Facebook was wondering if anybody had heard anything about Dorrie, of one of the group’s most beloved members. 195 more words

54. Choices

When I first started blogging, it was a different world and had a very different vision of what I thought blogging should or would be. Although I wrote in total anonymity and under a nickname, my stories were true. 266 more words

41. Social media fatigue

Many years ago, it is hard to believe for some people but there was no Facebook or Twitter or MySpace. Many of us had ICQ or one of the instant messaging applications that allowed some kind of direct interaction albeit via keyboard and screen. 579 more words

Never thought I would be blogging again

Hello fellow bloggers. I’m new here, and I guess my first post is a bit appropriate. Feel free to check out the About Me section for more info on me and my background. 190 more words



I’ve been trying to space out my entries, to sort of give readers time to absorb the new stuff and maybe comment before moving on. But, as I’m new here, I don’t really have any readers. 129 more words

Self Indulgence

Parable of a Lost Post

Like the woman cleaning her house looking for her lost coin in Luke 15, I was cleaning some on my PC and found a Journalspace backup dated 9-17-07. 22 more words

Working on Recovering Some Gems

I’m working on finding some of my Journalspace posts from the past several years on Google and re-posting them here.  It’s laborious work, but there are a few I am really hoping I can salvage. 34 more words