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Journey Home - WELCOME, CAPTAIN - 01

My eyes opened to a vast window of darkness. I was enveloped in a room of what seemed like a white metal. It was cold to my fingers and smooth to the touch. 2,226 more words

Another drive on a familiar road...

Another drive on a familiar road.

Where memories take hold.

Where surnames stay and houses crumble

Along the back roads.

My radio shuffles through scenes of nostalgia. 147 more words


Remembrance of Christmas Past - 1949-66

This is one of my earliest photos of Christmas in the Paton house. My brother, Red, is 4 and I am 2.  Sonny would be newborn and  it would be another fourteen years before my sister Jackie comes along. 859 more words

Shoe-woe & womaning up

Here’s a little tale about my journey from work one eve, starring my shoe; OK, that intro makes it sound weird but it’s a thrilling tale for anyone who likes, or loathes, shoes, or enjoys laughing at me, or first world problems, or any & all of these…have a read: 741 more words


Taken early evening using the natural light

minutes apart

and from similar vantage points.

Up River, down River

Love, it's more than just a word...

I watched a movie this week that I had been putting off watching for some time now. But, this week, I finally took some time out and watched it. 641 more words

Life, Love And Jesus

Journey Home - Nights Like These

It seems as if Country Music Week has largely passed me by. Living in North Wales, I’d like to think it’s the location – predominantly London – that is largely to blame. 414 more words

UK Country Music Stop