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The road home

It was still full dark when I left…it will be a while before dawn and I coincide again on the drive back from the north. I miss those intimate moments when the first rays of the sun creep over a horizon strewn with ancient stone… and no-one else is in sight. 631 more words


To Be Complete

Here I am again never far from thee
As thoughts always find a way to thee
However far I travel and weary these feet
My feet won’t leave the ground for relief… 75 more words



they say to smile with your eyes
but I did not know how
they say to laugh from the soul
but I did not know where it was… 191 more words

Journey Home

Home and Safe

I am eight years old, sitting in the back seat of my parents’ Volkswagen Beetle.  It’s Friday night, November, and dark.  My sister is curled into the far corner opposite me.  413 more words


Journey On

Another year
Another milestone
Another birthday
Come to pass

Another lesson
Another experience
Another hurdle
To cross

The path ahead
Another uphill climb
If you turn around… 101 more words


A Great and Holy Family

Becoming Catholic, I have found, can be a somewhat isolating adventure. My few Catholic friends do not understand my passion, my Protestant friends, they don’t even know I’m converting. 153 more words



one tooth

from a shark

another tooth

from a broken man

a third tooth

from the other man

the forth tooth

from a medicine man… 12 more words