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Going Home

I looked around my house last night, as silence fell and the midnight mist rolled in, everything looked so small! Why is it everything fits when we are small, but looks so tiny as we grow older? 280 more words


Journey Home: Antigua and Huehuetenango

We drove into Antigua from Copan after crossing the border on Sunday, August 7. The descent into this beautiful city encircled by mountains and volcanoes is impressively steep and serves to transport you to its cobblestone colonial paradise. 462 more words


Girl Child

What a disappointment

After all that effort

A little girl with

10 fingers

And 10 toes

A mouth and nose

But what is that between her legs… 165 more words


Journey Home: Nicaragua and Honduras

On Sunday, July 31st we started our drive back home to Austin. We’re driving mostly on the weekends, since Emily needs to work, so we’ll be taking about six weeks to get home. 1,128 more words

The Drive

John Pridmore: A Gangster Who Became Catholic - The Journey Home

John was baptized but never catechized in the faith as a child. Later in life he turned to the power and wealth of the underworld for satisfaction in life.

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Catholic Interest

Jehova's Witness Roundtable - The Journey Home

In this special Jehovah’s Witness Roundtable episode of the Journey Home, Marcus discusses, with two former Jehovah’s Witnesses, Dr. Jeff Schwehm and John Davis, as well as Fr.

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Catholic Interest

In the beginning

I looked into her eyes

Old eyes

That have lived countless lives

Since the beginning

They told me of how we began

How my journey will not be an easy one… 169 more words