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(Trying to) Journey Home

My final post about our European Adventure!

Since we missed our initial flight to Paris, we had to get up at 3 am for a taxi ride to the airport to catch our new flight. 749 more words


On national day of action, union painters brighten disabled vet's Shoreview home

Volunteers from the Painters and Allied Trades helped ready a new home in Shoreview for the family of a disabled military veteran last weekend.

The project was part of a nationwide day of volunteer activity, IUPAT Gives Back Day, sponsored by the union. 204 more words



How to close the door when a wedge holds it open?

How to burn a bridge when the river bank has burst?

How to walk away when the wrist is cuffed to the opponent’s? 20 more words

Journey Home

The Journey Home - 2015-08-17 - Marcus Grodi w/ Scott Sullivan

Sullivan was also agnostic for many years, until he came across a book by Dr. Peter Kreeft…

Former Evangelical Scott Sullivan discusses his conversion to Catholicism with Host Marcus Grodi.


Catholic Interest

Tick tock

There is a clock inside my head

When I closed my eyes and lay in bed

Like a fob watch it goes tick tock

As steady as a charged quartz rock… 83 more words


The road home

It was still full dark when I left…it will be a while before dawn and I coincide again on the drive back from the north. I miss those intimate moments when the first rays of the sun creep over a horizon strewn with ancient stone… and no-one else is in sight. 631 more words