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A Witch's Hex

Out of the darkness it came

Playing a wily game

Making sounds like a bad wolf’s howl

Digging me out with an old iron trowel… 136 more words



In shame you walk the river of emptiness

In rage you burn into nothing

Through guilt you weave a lifelong shadow

And by fear you stand — meaningless… 81 more words


Why fly?

Why can’t I fly

Way up high?

Why can’t I reach far

To a flying star?

Why can’t I jump

Up to the camels hump? 54 more words


She who forgot

She who has forgotten to kiss the earth with her feet

She who has forgotten how to walk a lifetime upon the earth

She who has forgotten to seek the earth between her toes… 170 more words


Waiting for the Train Home

The times they are a-changing
And the platforms, too
An announcement is made
And heard
And the herd for that journey
Up sticks and move from 4a to 3… 56 more words


Old Soles

These feet remember things of long ago

Of where I walked fast and slow

Of roads, paths and ways

Walking for days and days

In shoes much too small… 128 more words