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Journey to Kathmandu Aryal Family Relief Fun

In 2008, I was in Nepal filming the documentary Journey to Kathmandu.  Much of this time was spent with chai tea sellers, Prem and Goma Aryal, and their two children Kopila and Kapil.   133 more words


Kickstartin' the Journey to Get the Film Out There!

Kickstart the Journey

As many of you already know, our film was completed and premiered in July 2013. Now we want to get the film out to the world by producing a… 83 more words

The Goats Have Arrived!


Remember me?  Remember “the goats”?  It’s been quite some time since a number of you have heard from me, but alas, this time I have some fantastic news to share. 153 more words

Editing 'Journey': Updates

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to come out and attend the rough cut screening of ‘Journey to Kathmandu’ back in August.  Based on the feedback, the screening went really well.  114 more words

Feeling 80%

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m continuing to “edit like the wind” on this film.  A rough cut is truly shaping up and I’m anticipating gathering a select group of people to view the film and give feedback in a month’s time. 31 more words

Opening Cut

Been awhile since I’ve updated anyone on the status of ye ole ‘Journey to Kathmandu’.  Here’s a quick one:

It’s moving along.

Okay, more specifically, an opening has now been cut.  144 more words