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initiation ...

sliding down the pole, firefighter leaping onto the truck,
the cymbals between the dancer’s fingers glittered in the lamplight…
scaling the bulging branches , scraping his knuckles… 27 more words


Week One Reflections: Grocery Shopping Shouldn't Kill My Budget

It’s day seven of 31 Days Living Well Spending Zero. I’ve enjoyed the journey so far. Here’s how it went:

Scariest part

I was worried that too much of my spending is necessity and that, in the end, I wouldn’t be able to save much. 387 more words


Life - An Illusion of Mind

Of all the illusions, the biggest one is life where when you feel like you are stuck in dawn, sunrise welcomes you; where blessings do come in disguise, where nothing is permanent but in a state of continuous motion that sometimes rolls down the hill or fight its way to the top; and the quest for happiness keeps us confused or in a way way trolling us over and over that is it the journey we wish it to be, or the destination we think it would be, where we could eventually meet the sentence, ” I loved what I did” or ” It was meant to be only for me”.

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Day 7 Journey: a #haiku #OctPoWriMo 

As I began to ponder on this seventh day of OctPoWriMo there was but on thought on my mind: my wife and the journey we have lived together the last (almost) 27 years. 112 more words


Find Your Inner Strength: The Story of St. John's First Priest Rev. James Chisholm 

Matthew 24: 1-8
As Jesus came out of the temple and was going away, his disciples came to point out to him the buildings of the temple.

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Niagara Falls Mist

The falling water of Niagara crashing on the rocks at the foot of the falls and flies high up in a misty cloud. It is almost always hides the base of the falls from the eyes of observers. 56 more words


The Time I ...

Hi Folks!!!

What’s Good?

Today’s post is about The Time I…………………..tried ”Femme Funk”

In a previous post I received tips for becoming a better dancer from one of my dance teachers.   404 more words