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Times Up

I fulfill me

I know who now

You didn’t build me up

Therefore I will not allow you to tear me down

Talk about me when I am not around… 229 more words



I’ve never been very good at chess. For the same reason I require Google maps to get to places I’ve been a million times before, couldn’t visualize my renovated kitchen until the day it was done, and lost any mastery of math after algebra 2, it’s just not my natural skill set: I can’t see moves and their potential variations, several steps ahead. 523 more words


What would happen,
If I got in my car and just drove?
Not looking forward.
Not looking back.
If I got in my car and just drove,
What would happen?

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Home and hearth as I remember it
Is a figment of a wistful imagination, no longer a reality
Reminiscing on that constant wheel of bittersweet recollections… 39 more words


Paul's journey, part 2

He spent his earliest formative years in the projects in the inner city of Chicago.

You might think that the story would’ve ended differently if Martha’s dad survived to see his grandchild arrive. 344 more words