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The Journey to Ireland

Rather than tell the entire Ireland story in one go, I’m going to break it up into several smaller posts – otherwise it could stretch on for several thousand (very boring) words that nobody except myself might be remotely interested in reading. 550 more words


Third time's a charm: Why it's time for me to go to Thailand.

Why I’m going to Thailand…alone.

My last abroad experience was a great one. I went to Stockholm and Barcelona with my boyfriend at the time. The trip was filled with love, history, family, and meticulous planning. 752 more words


When Nothing Makes Sense...

In our search for God’s will and plan for our lives, we find that sometimes things do not make sense to us. We find out that God entrusts us with the struggles that we go through. 167 more words

Setting my first goals

As my mind starts to clear, I am starting to think more clearly and process ideas (the GTD system is helping in this respect, so I’ll definitely be continuing with this strategy). 326 more words

Not So Simply Finish - Saturday 29th = Show Day!!!

Show Time!

Lets Start with the results on show day, I placed 2nd!!!! So Excited!!!

Got my self a little trophy as well….

Show Day!!! 508 more words


The Beauty of Becoming

This spring, my friend Terri grew Monarch butterflies. Like most of us, she’s concerned that it’s our human footprint mucking up the planet and not, contrary to what some believe, God or Zeus or Mothra exacting their revenge on us for sport. 17 more words


An English Girl in Athens

Well, it’s exactly that. Me, an English girl here in Athens. The capital city of Greece. But not just a normal capital city, Athens has a magic that captivates you, draws you in and opens your eyes. 649 more words