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I went to bed last Sunday evening with the intention and expectation that the week ahead was going to be the best ever. I set my alarm for 3:45 a.m. 576 more words


Talking to myself (back dated December 19th, 2017)

Do I really know what makes me risk more than I should. I think vaguely it would be emotions, but which emotions exactly. I’d say mainly greed because I always forget this is a long term game. 127 more words


As I lay down

I lay down my sorrows

Hoping my problems die and I live to see tomorrow

Hoping that my hopes and dreams never fall asleep… 92 more words



I want to be obedient to what You desire of me,

I want to be obedient to Your will, I want You to be pleased. 100 more words


Salute to the Savior Sunday


Heavenly Father,

Thank you for making this day possible for me to see.

A day of hope and rest in knowing all that I want and desire will soon come to pass. 66 more words


Week 13 - Forex Recap - 1/21/18

Happy Sunday,

As of 5:00 pm, my current stats are:

Total Deposited: $10,554.20.

Balance: $12,642.80 (+$202.70 from last week)

Gain/Loss: 27.7% = +2.2% from last week. 337 more words


Bellyaches & Bruises

A simple touch

A tender sweep across the skin

My stomach skin burns like a fever

My skin rashes and dries out

This isn’t my body… 58 more words

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