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Writing From The Heart

What Is Your Self-Worth?

I struggle daily with finding my self-worth. I find it hard to compete with society’s standards because their standards do not match up to my own. 851 more words


Disappointment: God's Provision and Protection

From the moment Pam picked up the phone, I knew something was wrong.

For months, Pam had been waiting to hear some good news on a new opportunity and as she said, the perfect opportunity. 872 more words

Reflection Of The World

Evergreen Part II

If you place yourself in the mountains during the rarest, most golden fall; you must not forget that the seasons change and that winter comes. And yet, nothing can defy the everlasting beauty. 686 more words


TIAM Sunday January 22nd

On this Sunday morning we got the latest on the effort to bring an MLS team to St. Louis, Harry’s review of the latest show at The Rep and celebrated some birthdays, including that of a St. 156 more words

Syndicated Local

God's Plan For The Ages - 14 - Interlude - The Omega Code 2

Click onto any blue letter, number or symbol to see the video and text on the blog.

The video of this post presents additional information on the horrible conditions that those which have missed the rapture, and are left behind (earth dwellers), will have to face, to include the forces of the Anti Christ, as well as those of worldwide general lawlessness. 2,564 more words


First things first

Hi! My name is Marck.

This to my journey from zero to 100 days.

I wrote this blog as a journal to record all the experiences I will go through as I take on this personal challenge towards a fitter, healthier, and better me. 508 more words


An Unforgettable Journey – Singapore

Hi Singapore,

I miss you in every day…. You make my dream bigger than before. You gave hope and success in my life. I got a good strength after I reached  there. 166 more words

Taking A Ride