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“There is no effort without error and shortcoming.”  – Theodore Roosevelt

I knew what I was doing when I named my blog “a mercurial muse.” My writing has always had bizarre timing and sporadic inspiration, but my absence hasn’t been for lack of things to say.   288 more words

Tokyo Trip - Part 1

Once a year, I make a journey home to Hong Kong to visit my Grandma (and everyone else in HK =P).  I’ve done this for almost 10 years now, annually, and with all my vacation.  1,218 more words


Getting literally lost in my own thoughts


I am not one who takes life lightly, nor do I fuss over the normal every day things…If a person were to ask me what I was thinking about…they might be sorry they asked . 658 more words

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Being Busy=Being Safe

I’ll be the first to admit that I have not been on the bandwagon since I returned from Dallas. I’ve been happily busy with birthdays, Easter and workdays. 267 more words


This Time, I Did Cry

I’m just going to get straight to the point with what I want to share because I can’t think of a good lead-in. Teacher had another surprise for me at the end of my lesson on Friday: a second anonymous sponsor. 866 more words



Reference to Tangent: I knew what I wanted to do with the last post of the challenge but I didn’t know what to call it. So I opened a dictionary and started going through words with Z. 541 more words


The First Knock

“Doubts are the messengers of the Living One to rouse the honest. They are the first knock at our door of things that are not yet, but have to be, understood; and theirs in general is the inhospitable reception of angels that do not come in their own likeness.

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