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Where are "We" now?

I loved him, I love him but he was never mine. Ultimatums, ultimatum.. Too much waisted time. Now I’m apathetic because of your apathy towards me, I’m over it and your excuses so just let me be. 289 more words


My Positive Transformation

I never thought the day would come when I would write about this. If you had told me even just a week ago that I would be sitting here writing this today, I would have thought you were crazy. 1,515 more words


And Hence I am Exploring “#YOU” on...!!


You are the elegance in the poem, I am feeling for…
You are the enigmatic plot of the novel, I am writing to… 129 more words


Irish Colcannon

Being a Scandinavian, I loved colcannon as soon as I ran across it in the West Country. I don’t know how it can taste so good. 177 more words


Flight arrival

A New World welcome,

overwhelming heat follows

air conditioning.

by Scooj


No Heat Journey: Reviving My Natural Curls

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to my No Heat Journey: Reviving my Natural Curls!

I’ve been using heat on my hair since 6th grade, about 10 or more years.  461 more words


Lost and Found

Adrift in the waves of vibrant realm,

Like a dust steered by the wind,

In the absence of free will in the waking sleep.

To whom, to where, till when, 130 more words