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Taking time to be Mindful

Looking inwards today felt really great

I just recently finished a book by Deepak Chopra, and let me tell you that guy really says what I am feeling. 299 more words

Being Creative

Old Friends

Recently I wrote a blog about speaking to AVID classes at my wife’s school. My longtime friend, Jen, reached out to me to come speak with her class in Hillsboro. 429 more words

Be a Lotus Flower.

The Lotus flower happens to be my favorite flower. It grows from the mud and blooms beautifully above the water. It also is a prominent symbol in Buddhism. 151 more words


I Just Can’t 346/365

I was exhausted all day yesterday, as in I went to bed at 6:15 and woke up at 7 this morning. And, guess what I was still tired. 150 more words


onwards and upwards

Time goes by and things change and grow. My progress isn’t exactly stopped, just taking a different direction than I thought they would. I’m still taking small steps forward… 118 more words


A Most Unworthy Cause

I recently decided to take a trip. On a scale of one to ten, how newsworthy do you think my travels will be? I’m not going to perform any missionary work. 602 more words


Here's to a journey of Life's unknown

You know when you think you have life just sorted, your heading in the right direction, everything is under control and BANG. Something happens that’s turns all your plans upside down. 141 more words