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Human bomb - The awakening

When my little world imploded and my mind fell apart, something slipped through the cracks, something both wonderful and terrible.

I could have done anything. Sell my dreams, my family, sell my strength, sell my body, sell my soul. 1,483 more words


Birth of day #57

A year of days learning framed love circling hate

   disease stuck and captured

   with thoughts small and great.

Weeds purple miles traveled on mondays commute… 42 more words

Full Circle

I’ve been in transit for nearly two days, so I think. Having no proper rest, fatigue begins to set in and hours began to feel more like days. 1,485 more words

Waiting, Watchful

O master, my desires to work, to know,To be aware that I do live and grow—

All restless wish for anything not thee,

I yield, and on thy altar offer me.

28 more words

:) :) :)

The last days have been kind of weird, but I’m beginning to realize I’m doing pretty well despite what other people may think.


So awesome. 6 more words



This story is

words like staircases, tracing

their way back

to a younger year,

steering myself clear

in the wrong direction,

a loss of connection, 111 more words


my adopted sister ..

It was one dark bright night; tears all over! What was it though? It’s hard to distinguish .. Colourless water or blood stained quarters!

She sat in silence, she was a mess; What struck me though was her sassy intellect. 284 more words