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Thirty Days

In my room I have a whiteboard where I jot down notes or ideas when I’m working. At the moment the whiteboard has been consumed with my crappily drawn hiragana characters. 177 more words


What's in my wonderland pt 2

The word in my wonderland today is REMEBER.

I have this habit of anything bad that has happened to me I create a permanent block in my brain to the point where I cant remember it in present day. 87 more words


Words for Rome

We are arrived at our hotel last night after waiting for a long while for the shuttle.

It will be here in 25-30 minutes, the woman at the shuttle desk told us. 1,761 more words

Going to God

Lead me not into temptation

I’ve been through too much devastation

Trying to figure my life out, need a revelation

And some candles and meditation… 164 more words


Small Victories

Last night I had to fight off the cookie craving. Jeannette has these amazingly delicious cookies, sitting on the counter, all the time. I know exactly how good they are, and how wonderful it would be to eat one… 120 more words


Do I Hang a Left or Right?

It can sometimes be difficult to trust that God’s plans are the right plans. This is especially true when those who are not following God’s plans appear to have an easier path than what is chartered for us. 121 more words


Notes from Sumatra

-People are pretty friendly, as is generally the case in SE Asia, but here they have a love for taking selfies with any westerner they see – basically, we’re like rock stars to them. 694 more words