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Not finished - small stone 20

Recently a friend who was recovering from some surgery sent me a message to tell me that she was “fine-ish”. The predictive spelling decided she meant “finished”, and that’s how it was sent. 154 more words

Small Stones

What I’m discovering and developing

These days, when I see friends or relatives actively engaged in ministry or enthusiastically serving in some honorable endeavor, I often imagine myself in their place, perhaps because we so recently came from a ministry environment. 350 more words


The Learning Path

Staying The Course

There is nothing better than when the pieces click into place! That feeling of enlightenment and lightness. That feeling of freedom with a twist of enchantment. 300 more words


Emerge on the Other Side

Sometimes you won’t know what you want.

Sometimes all you can do is unplug, hibernate, and ride the wave.

There were times in the past where I definitely wanted to hibernate for weeks, and I did. 432 more words


Conscious Parenting Is A Partnership

“At the baby’s birth, we start from level 0. Both parent and child then progress and grow, learning together, learning about each other. Even with your 2nd and 3rd child, you start from 0 again, because each child is different.” 131 more words


From a Place of Learning

That Saturday morning had started out slow, deliciously lazy and agenda-free.

Then, a phone call. Dad’s voice. Just by his tone I knew something was wrong … Mom was feeling strange when she woke up; she couldn’t form words anymore; the paramedics had taken her to the hospital; they were going to run tests; he was headed there now; he would keep us posted. 1,130 more words