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Looking for Healing, part 3

Revisiting my dreaming experience again: It’s been very helpful.

I am sitting on the log.  Trying to figure out what to do next.  I have a book with a tree on it.  898 more words


Storm and Calm


Leaves blocking the river
Branches that need
Leave them in the river
Don’t hoike them out
Different paths
Bubbles of peace… 68 more words

Healing Moment

I am sitting on the kitchen floor;
I have fallen again.
You are oblivious,
upstairs in the shower
singing your heart out.

The dog walks over to me, 109 more words


Don't tell me

Don’t tell me
Facts and figures
Be objective
Let it go
Look at it calmly
I want to hit
The spongy puddings
The sparkling glasses… 22 more words

Faery Travel Tips, Installment the First

I’ve gotten wind that some peeps are wanting to have a looksee at Fomóraíge Faery (writ Faery from here on to make my life easier). I’ve been interacting with the citizens of Faery since 2012, but have only formally journeyed there since the end of June, 2014. 421 more words