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365, Day 107: Thin Places

I began this painting with John O’Donohue and “thin places” in my heart. I cannot, this evening as I post, find a clear reference to “thin places” in his words. 167 more words




Gorge yourself Guyana
On scents
And fruits
On golden heat
On water

Store and strive
And fall and catch
And thrive
And blossom
And live

Jet lagged

Jet Lagged

Jet lagged family
Gives me
Time out
To myself
Jet lagged

Family, it's complicated

Family: Complicated

With holes
And changes of patterns
And got in a knot
That will not undo
Just about
Good enough
However much you try… 15 more words

Life recap: an overview of year 25 and a look towards 26

It has been a couple of weeks since my birthday (and my birthday triathlon, more below) but every birthday I like to reflect on the major life events or achievements of the previous year while looking forward to what the next year holds in store. 422 more words


Home is Where?

Home is Where?

Home is where
Your heart is?
Where is my heart?
At sixes and sevens
Washing hands from one
But unable
So to do… 171 more words

Coming Home

I’ve been ashamed of my love too long


I’ve been on my knees crawling

too long

trees grow wide in exposed land

their roots run deep seeking company… 167 more words