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Fighting the Inevitable


I know, it’s hard! You get into that situation, and all you want to do is say something to try and make people realize why your personality made you do something that you’re now embarrassed about. 220 more words


Experiences Are Part of Your Story

Creating Your Story One Experience, One Moment, One Chapter At A Time

You find your path and define it as you go along. Your path sets you on the course to journey along. 385 more words


Feels Like Loneliness

The main hook of one of my favorite Sabrina Carpenter songs is, “Love feels like loneliness sometimes.”

But what do you do when, to you, love feels like loneliness for a lot of the time? 290 more words


On Celibate and Married Priests

A friend shared an article on facebook today, written by a married Catholic priest in Dallas, Texas, discussing priestly ministry and the debate of celibacy versus married life for the priest.   883 more words


Today matters more than yesterday.

I can spend literally hours on social media. According to my Quality Time app (something you can download to make yourself feel like shit), I spent on average about 6-7 hours staring at my screen… and I’ll be real. 611 more words


Unmasking the False Self

I want to explain what my understanding of the the false self is. I have been working through this – a lot of the information comes from Christina Pratt’s podcasts, Why Shamanism Now. 294 more words

Today in Prayer

I thought perhaps I would share my prayerful reflections of this week with y’all in the hope that they might impact¬†you, wherever you are at. 338 more words