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FAILURE… I am sure most of us have experienced this at some point in our lives, and often it is so easy to wonder; AM A FAILURE or WILL MY LIFE BE A FAILURE?!   325 more words


I entered the gates of UWI excited that I made it; ready for the new voyage ahead. I say voyage cause I knew from past UWI experiences that the seas can get rough. 364 more words

Over 450 Free or Almost Free Gift Ideas: to put in your hARTshare journeying gift box

Over 450 Free or Almost Free Gift Ideas: to put in your hARTshare journeying gift box

A research information for-free or inexpensive gift tips to contain in your hARTshare box. 32 more words


To my fellow introvert,

Fellowship with God was always gonna require something of you. It is freely given for sure, but intimacy requires honesty, journeying requires movement. 166 more words

I have met some people of substantial quality lately and it has me reflecting on true friends. The ones who intensely debate which is the best Austen novel and who ruined the Les Mis movie more- or if it was even ruined at all. 379 more words


Blocked, flattened and carrying on...

For the first couple of weeks of November have I have felt blocked and flattened.

For a few days we were literally blocked by road resurfacing outside our house, which closed the road and meant our only access by car was a bumpy journey down a small bridleway track. 223 more words

Small Stones

The global running community

I’ve written before on how difficult it has been for me to grasp/accept/embrace the title of “runner.” I’m not fast, I’ve only run a handful of marathons/races compared to other runners, and I could give a myriad of other excuses about my inadequacy. 1,412 more words