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The Struggles of Being a Songwriter

(Quick apology for my last post: yeah it was true, and I needed to write it, but I didn’t have to be that dramatic – and that leads me into what this post it about!) 449 more words


Dappling in Dreams

When you commit to someone for life, when you marry them, you are picking your lifetime ministry partner. You are either committing to their dreams, the dreams you’ve built together, or the dreams you know the Lord will call you both to in His perfect timing. 541 more words

One Last Ugandan Adventure: Running Mt. Elgon

Or alternately titled: “That one time I was easily convinced to do a self supported ultra marathon run/hike up and down a mountain in East Africa” 2,433 more words


Journeys to Meet My Reiki Guides

As I wrote in my last post, I have three reiki guides who can assist me with reiki healing and treatments. One of them is the goddess Persephone, but the other two were unknown at the time of the divination. 1,077 more words

Magic And Mysticism

The Prologue

Out of all the gifts they have hoped for, they have received the one they were not really asking for.

It was a season of different stages. 413 more words


Stop Thinking.

I’ve never really been one to care about what people think of me. But I’ve realized today, (on my 16th birthday, of all days) that it’s been something I’ve been dealing with a lot. 207 more words


Conscious Parenting Is About 'Bringing Forth', Not 'Belonging'

This poem by the wise poet Kahlil Gibran has been an inspiration and a guide ever since I was pregnant with Lia. It can be a rather shocking idea for some parents, but I hope in here you will find some truths to our role as ‘parents’. 306 more words