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Just Begin

On a long-ish drive to have dinner with friends recently, Dave and I listened to Carpenters songs for pretty much the entire trip. It was so much fun and I couldn’t get over how many lyrics I remembered, as if they came straight from some memory vault to my voice box and bypassed my conscious thought entirely. 296 more words



Peter Sis
Thames & Hudson

Drawing on an episode from his childhood as well as the Robinson Crusoe story that he loved as a boy, award-winning author/illustrator, Peter Sis has created an absolute dream of a picture book. 295 more words

Picture Books

What is a shrine?

What is a shrine? This is a question I don’t think most people ask themselves before setting them up. Most Pagans have their altars; we might have more than one in our homes. 325 more words


Every Question Begins With a Quest

Last Year’s Big Question: How can I be more happy with my life?

I wasn’t lacking in much. I had all the worldly possessions one needs to be satisfied. 203 more words


Introducing my inner self (warts and all)

Hello, everyone! Today I’m doing a walk down memory lane. This post is a slightly shortened version of a school assignment I wrote when I was 14: after reading George MacDonald’s “The Wise Woman”, my assignment was to “turn myself inside out”. 905 more words


The body seeks relief of a feeling,
Circumstances will create themselves.

Cycles manifest centering conditions,
Never ending without full release.

Some expressions can be distracting, 71 more words


My Daily Worship

Daily devotionals and worship have been done to death. Or, at least, the reasoning for doing them. I will let other voices do that for me. 600 more words