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How I Talk With Gods - Pt. 3

This aspect is rather important for me. Though it has become increasingly easier to completely immerse myself, and leave doubts behind, in the Otherworld and my experiences over There, my memories help solidify things in an interesting (to me) way. 1,664 more words


Key Moments

Key Moments Whittle down To key moments But what was key then May be forgotten Now The locks and bolts Change We keep filing New keys And boxes Line the shelves

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Hard edges
Think outside
Coming to life
Ever changing
For one second
A blink
Hold the pose
Don’t blink
And it’s gone… 7 more words

Poetry 201: Gift, Acrostic, and Simile

Gift of the Changing SEASONS

Sunshine warmth, bright flowers, and long days

Evening walks beneath a canopy of an orange sunset glaze.

A… 44 more words

Becky G

Along those same lines of boundaries...

…now would be a good time to clear up a bit of misinformation/misunderstanding that is painfully too common.

For those of you who don’t already know this, I am sort-of-poly: Dan Savage (who yes, says some problematic things, but also says some useful things) would call me “monogamish”, meaning that I’m mostly-monogamous with D, but I occasionally get some “action on the side”, I have a few other lovers who I am occasionally intimate with, in varying degrees of emotional and/or physical intimacy; also, D and I have occasionally had threesomes or moresomes with people.   3,106 more words


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