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The Nine Worlds Series: Niflheim

In Norse lore, Niflheim is one of the first of the Nine Worlds to emerge into being. Mist-Home is filled with icy mountains and glaciers. The entire realm seemed perilously high but that may be because of where I landed upon entering the world. 894 more words


Intro to the Journey

December 11, 2010 will always be etched in my mind. I watched as my mother was journeying through a part of her life, a new part, a different part. 544 more words

Singing the School-sick Blues

Problem: Despite all of the lovely things that come with being home for summer- like early mornin’ hugs from parents & late night movies with brothers & cuddles from the world’s greatest golden retriever-  I’m really not adjusting well. 527 more words

It scares me

So I came across this quote yesterday:

“The main problem of choosing what to do in life boils down to simple math: every hour you spend on one pursuit is one less spent on another.

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When things get in the way

 I lost access to my on-line astrology software.  I couldn’t access my clients charts for over a week now.  In my world everything is connected in a web of meaning.   550 more words


She’s never really truly cared for anything. All along she’s been cruising through the roads. Floating wherever the waves took her. She’s been so well-sheltered that she has never had the need to actually care for nothing. 239 more words