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Ponder This - What Do You Do With The Pain Again?

As you intently and honestly ponder the questions posted in this blog! Post your point of¬†pain¬†comments. Or if you prefer, perhaps write about the… 168 more words

Life Happenings


Riding Pride hard fast and strong

to hide the Shame that is deep long and cutting

Fall from that horse and walk


feel every blade of grass every grit… 81 more words


Experiencing The Primation Through Ratanen: Peer Into the Primal Chaos.

Using “Ratanen” to take a peek into the Primal Seas of Chaos.

NOTE: This is an exercise in journeying that should not be taken lightly! 1,533 more words


The 7 Types of People You Meet

Grief is a journey with no familiar destination. It will last, to varying degrees, for the rest of your life. Grief takes you to extremely dark places that nobody would ever purposely visit. 1,220 more words

Loss Of Child

Eyes closed

I fell, like I always do, to the waters below -although instead of crystal clear this time they were soapy and misted. I hit the frosted surface and felt the swoosh ripple through my body. 100 more words


Quote from The Art of War By Sun Tzu

The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.


Moon shot

I watched the crescent moon
Hung like a hammock between two trees,
Trailed by a brightness which looked unreal.
I thought of leaving it a while… 145 more words

Small Stones