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A weekend 'Inipi' sweat lodge retreat

All life is dynamic. Just as a flowing wood grain seamlessly merges with a knotty spiral, likewise, even the densest aspects of our realities actually move when observed up close. 1,146 more words


Team Banana Kills: Smoky Mountain Relay 2017

I’ve always said that relays are the ultimate way to run as a team. I have been blessed over the years to find many wonderful runners (and plain wonderful individuals) to call my teammates, but out of the 7 relays I’ve participated in, this year’s team Banana Kills will likely hold a special place in my heart. 319 more words


Living in a Fairy Tale: My Enchanted Altar

An altar means something different to every witch, especially depending on the type of Craft the witch chooses to practice. My altar is a place for daily devotionals, meditation, divination, creative visualizations, etc. 602 more words

The Daily Witch


It is here
in this bottle-necked existence, locked
into days captioned by ticks and tocks,
where time resides in each of us
until it stops, 350 more words


Arrival and journeying in Hebrews

In my “quiet times” (times set aside each day to spend with God, not opposed to the constant communion with Him each hour), I’ve been looking at Hebrews recently.   190 more words


On Waiting...

Though most of us live our lives “on the go”, and many of us will travel far, the place we’ll spend perhaps more time in than any other is  in life’s waiting room. 326 more words

Living in a House Called “Enough”...

From the day of my birth until today, there isn’t one I have survived without grace. Despite my doubts and regrets, that grace has always been enough. 278 more words