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Birth of a Desktop Factory

Games Workshop produces some of the best sculpts I’ve seen on the market. No surprise given the company’s history. Of my several ongoing commission projects, my task with this Tyranid army (more than ~300 pieces) has been a lesson in patience, endurance, and (most importantly) an enlightening experience. 797 more words


Journeyman League week 1 part 1

Monday afternoon, I packed my bags a went to the local gaming store for the start of the JML. When I got there it’s was packed with people. 669 more words


Post Journeyman Blues - Finished Orrik and Ripjaw

Ok, so once again, its been a while between posts, but getting a job will do that to you right? Anyway, since my last post the journey man league at my club has ended, and well it was a lot of fun, and although I didn’t get much painting as I would have liked to I still walked away with the Destroyer award in addition to the three chevrons a player can earn throughout the event. 258 more words

Privateer Press

WaH: Twofer!

This is the (bereft of actual notes) battle report of a 2v2 game at the club’s Saturday Open Gaming.

On Thursday, my wife and I popped over to the shop for a day of games. 1,678 more words


WaH: Playing Dead

I played my first proper Battlegroup game! A lot of factors were working against it–some club dramatics, prevailing illness leaving folks ragged, fewer supplies than would be ideal (when my marker started to go out it was a dangerous time, because marking things). 1,728 more words


WaH: The Journey to Journeyman

My gators came in today! Sadly, none of my wife’s action did, but she got a bunch of games she’s pumped to use for work. Since I run a table for the 5th ed Adventurers League, (Wow, that sure feels like it needs an apostrophe) I didn’t get to jump into them right away, but they’re put together now! 667 more words


Communicating with the Younger Generation

I have a pretty large family. Most of us are in Wyoming, though that’s shifting now–I’m the oldest and I went the hell away for college and only returned to the home state a few years ago, but as my cousins reach the age of autonomy some have left. 952 more words