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River Walk, Canmore, Alberta

Our hearts bubble over as we celebrate the fame
Of your marvelous beauty; bringing bliss to our hearts.
We shout with ecstatic joy over your breakthrough for us. 53 more words


We are Confident Because: we are forgiven and clothed with righteousness

Because we all fall short of God’s glory, we often stray from the path that Christ leads us on. We can easily get frustrated as we find ourselves getting tripped up on old habits, distractions, or seemingly harmless temptations that end up biting us on the back-side. 533 more words


We are Confident Because: He strengthens and upholds us

No matter who we are, our life will, at some point, be subject to difficulties and struggles. Regardless of where we are in life or how secure we thought we were until a crisis, we are all destined to run into strife that will at times rattle us to our core, and we are all susceptible to losing confidence when we do. 618 more words


bleak building revisited

Who would have guessed this photo and my haiku would lead to bigtime self-reflection? For those who missed it, here’s the haiku–a comment on the photo above. 558 more words

Spiritual Formation

Merry Christmas!

I truly wish this week is filled with good feelings, all are content, honest with themselves and comfortable with others.

I truly wish your life is simple, and you always have time when you need it. 163 more words


They’ve Given up Their Lives

Throughout the many years,

There have been many tears;

They’ve given up their lives

Bold men and faithful wives,

For their Savior, God, and King. 24 more words