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dancing . . .and resting . . .

It seems such a small thing to write a weekly blog.  You would think that anyone who loves to write, who joys over words, whose morning walks in the garden and time in the Word  brims over of life would have no problem doing so. 542 more words

Early Morning Thoughts


Life is never what I think it will be.  I had plans, good ones, for how I wanted to live and who I wanted to be – and God over time took over and did something utterly different with me.  713 more words

Difficult Marriage


When we go to God’s Word and believe what His Word says over what we see in our circumstances there is often a time element or waiting period. 194 more words

To Really Live

To Live, really Live
each and every Moment,
not getting caught in the Net of Drama
is our Sacred Right.
In immersing ourselves in what brings us…
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… Once I climbed a cloud!

A cloud so white, whiter than light.

I reached and touched where it began.

I soared to its highest edge… 91 more words

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Laughter Will Set Us Free

Sometimes there is a misconception that a person of Spirit will be loving, joyful, and peaceful continuously.  Then, if we are not able to maintain that equanimity, we are bad;  a sinner, a failure, a slacker, etc.   707 more words

Spirit Wisdom

Daily Devitional: “Let Them Do It”

This week’s topic: The Importance Of Family

God said that mankind was to rule on the earth. It WAS and IS His Will that WE, man rule in this earth. 419 more words

Daily Bread