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Higher Love - reviews

Z-FEST zine info before the gig on 29th May 2011
Taking their name from one of the stand out track’s on Depeche Mode 1993 album Songs of Faith & Devotion, Higher Love play music inspired by the classic bands like Queen, The Doors, mixed in with a dollop of sounds reminiscent of 80s rock/new wave groups such as U2, Depeche Mode,Venus Fly Trap, Killing Joke and The Cure. 1,602 more words

Higher Love - Mindbroken LP (track by track) NEW 2016

The title of the album is ‘Mindbroken’, intentionally written as one word. ‘Mind’ here represents our brain, coordinator of all body functions. ‘Broken’ means permanent malfunction or ‘blackout’ in the functioning process. 1,310 more words

Never Losing 'Substance,' Peter Hook Tours Full Joy Division & New Order Albums

Peter Hook is feeling chipper as he drives along England’s northwest coast—he’s doing what he loves best: touring and performing the music of both of the bands he helped craft: Joy Division and New Order. 822 more words


Top Ten Bands A-Z: J

The quest continues to find the top ten bands/artists in the alphabet. J is upon us and like H and I , this is another difficult one to complete. 28 more words


COLD SWEAT (po polsku)

Z twórczością zespołu ‘Cold Sweat’ przyszło mi się zapoznać dzięki fanowskiej stronie http://www.thecure.pl. Oprócz przeróbek piosenek Smitha formacja z Opola udostępniła również wtedy cała kolekcje utworów instrumentalnych zatytułowanych enigmatycznie ‘Epsilon’ i opatrzonych numerami rzymskimi. 332 more words

Blue Wave - Operators

It’s very rare that a saxophone is used effectively in the Indie Rock genre. It either comes off as cheesy or out of place. In the case of this Operators track, it’s the highlight!   31 more words