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I was on my way back to class- after having scrubbed my soup bowl clean in our staff room sink- when I caught him at it. 585 more words

Giving Christmas Away This Year

For the past few weeks, my two youngest children have been talking about what they want for Christmas. The lists began to form about mid-November, a modest collection of this and that. 664 more words

Fight for Joy...

We walk through a shorn grain field- all prickles and stumps, toward the thirty-acre stand of stalwart hardwood that situates itself behind our property. Sun streams unfiltered on our head and hands, warming us as we stroll. 619 more words

The Different Faces of Love

Should a teacher be like a parent in her role concerning her students? Some might say “yes”. In both parental and educational positions, we are called to care, compassion and empathy in our interactions toward the children with whom we are connected. 883 more words

Inclusive education isn't what I thought it was: it's something better.

I was asked recently whether having children with learning disabilities as wholly included members of a regular classroom environment, detracts in any way from the learning of other mainstream children in the room. 1,251 more words