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Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 was a small and lovely gathering of 3.

I spatchcocked a chicken (no turkey this year), made Smitten Kitchen’s decadent Cauliflower Cheese, roasted some delicata squash and sautéed brussels sprouts. 127 more words


Chili Cheese Dogs

What – a hot dog – sure why not! I get regular emails from Joy the Baker, the well-known American baker, and when I saw this recipe I thought I haven’t had one of these in years! 448 more words


Salted Chocolate Pistachio Cookies

So apparently perfection can be improved upon. As long as salted chocolate and pistachios are around. And as long as we have cookies, things can only get better. 482 more words

The Desserted Girl

Candy Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Perhaps there are so many people who get excited for Halloween because it’s a chance to try on something that normally doesn’t fit. We dress up like the things we are not, we crowd the streets with our bodies instead of our cars, and we parade around neighborhoods and parties asserting to the ones we do not know exactly what we want: SUGAR. 891 more words


Quick Puff Pastry Chocolate-Hazelnut Rolls

Guys and gals, Joy Wilson (Joy the Baker) is back with another baking bootcamp series with the folks at King Arthur Flour!

In her last series we made triple berry cinnamon swirl bread, apple pie biscuits, gruyere and green olive rolls, and whole wheat oatmeal honey bread. 931 more words


Pumpkin Bars - Happy Thanksgiving, Canada

Today’s recipe involves pumpkin…it is the beginning of Fall and today is Thanksgiving and it is all about the pumpkin pie.  If, like me, your not a pumpkin pie lover but do enjoy pumpkin muffins and other delights made with flavourful pumpkin, then these bars will be a hit.   402 more words


Five Favorite Pins: Cookie Thyme

Caramel Apple Cookies [Bakers Royale]

Ever since we got back from Milk Jar Cookies in LA last month, all I’ve been thinking about is cookies. 125 more words