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Scratching My Balls Part 10 ^ 6

Sometimes you just need a good cry, right? That’s something people say. Have you ever done that? Sit around and wait for your Zappos order to show up all day? 783 more words


Platform 1 - Joy Williams' "Venus"

Welcome to the wonderful world of Joy Williams’ “Venus”. What awaits you are songs with hauntingly beautiful melodies, soulful lyrics, and a detailed journey of life, loss, love, and healing. 307 more words

Civil Wars

How To Be Productive

I have been feeling kind of stuck lately. And so when that happens I usually end up on YouTube. And I’ve noticed a trend coming on. 813 more words


Well kids, it's been a while

I think it’s safe to say that my first round of Blogust is a massive face plant. I think that’s okay, though, it leaves room for improvement. 247 more words


July Picks

So I’ve just decided to list down the new artists here cause if I keep repeating the previous month’s artists, we’ll have like a flood of Mumford and Sons and Hippo Campus, etc. 806 more words

Musical Recommendations

What Am I Listening To? - July 2015

Noosa – Wonderland
I had no idea who Noosa was when she guested on Ghost Beach’s song “Close Enough”, but that was my favorite track on their album and I promised myself I’d follow up on her if/when she got any solo material out. 2,320 more words

What Am I Listening To?

Why I am in love with Joy Williams' song 'woman' (oh mama)

The video embedded above is Joy Williams’ video for her single Woman (oh mama) and I thought this was important enough to talk about. This video was initially uploaded to youtube on the 30th of April this year, I have listened to it countless times since then and it has taken me this long to be able to form a coherent opinion on it (instead of just incoherent jumbled up words of admiration including “oh my” “it’s … amazing…” and “just … jhgelifyWGERUG… WOW”). 279 more words