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Librarian's Choice: The books that got me back into reading

This blog is from Louise, a librarian based at Central library.

I used to read, a lot. Days would be lost with my eyes tied firmly to the pages in front of me as I awaited what would happen next, early favourites included the adventurous tales of Robin Hood and the multiple ‘scrapes’ encountered by red-headed orphan Anne Shirley. 1,046 more words


Writers start out. . . and end up. . .

The writer trusts nothing she writes–it should be too reckless and alive for that, it should be beautiful and menacing and slightly out of control. . 87 more words


American Academy of Arts and Letters honors 19 writers, including Haigh, Spiotta, Sinclair


Jennifer Haigh                                  Safiya Sinclair               Dana Spiotta 

The American Academy of Arts and Letters announced today the names of 19 writers who will receive the 2017 awards in literature, which will be presented in New York City at the Academy’s annual Ceremonial in May.  243 more words

Book News

Commonplace Book: Winter 2017

Since this is my first commonplace book entry I’m sharing, let me just give you a quick idea as to how this is going to work. 1,154 more words

100 short stories:: story 74

story: Health 

author: Joy Williams

year: 1985

where: Dubai metro

note: Ohio Players, Love Rollercoaster

a line: “Wanda, who read a lot, told Pammy that tuberculosis was a very romantic disease, the disease of artists and poets and ‘highly sensitive individuals’.”

100 Days 100 Short Stories Read Day One

Short story: "Cats and Dogs"

“Cats and Dogs,” by Joy Williams

Appeared in Catapult, September 8th, 2015; collected in The Visiting Privilege

4352 words

Lush surrealism. Or hyperrealism? Everything that happens is possible but implausible. 26 more words

Twenty-first Century