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What's in YOUR narrative?

Mine is the woulda-coulda-shoulda variety that blares its voice at 4AM, revisiting the previous day.  And it’s not congratulatory.

You should have handled that conversation better.  592 more words

Like a Child

Like a child. We hear that a lot. In fact, as I have gone through that last year I have heard that more than once. It has even been personal, meaning the Lord has spoken it to me directly. 380 more words

Reflections on Avondale

I never thought I’d fall in love with such a crazy woman. It’s been a long journey. I truly wounder which of us will die first. 27 more words


HEARTBEAT ( 2018 )

There is a spot close in between

The here and now and what has been

We take our place, we fall in line

And thank our stars we turn out fine… 26 more words


In joy

Courtesy of 2020 Spiritual Vision

Feb 19 2018

In joy

Oh the theme of JOY continues.  It’s been a while so I smile, welcome and relay.  32 more words

GOD'S GRACE ( 2018 )

Oh little one all meek and mild

My dearest, sweetest tiny child

With wonderment and joy and grace

You light the world round your dear face ! 28 more words


Diamonds, Toilets and Turds

First I must say that this blog has a language warning. Some examples have strong language, no F-bombs but still strong language.

Let’s talk about personal development, relationships (both with our self and with others), self-worth, self-respect, and settling. 459 more words