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Run with Joy

“Never lose the childlike wonder. Show gratitude… Don’t complain; just work harder… Never give up.” – Randy Pausch

When we were young, we were light on our feet, untethered. 265 more words


This is shaping up to be a good week

Witches, I’m about to get a little sappy and spiritual in a way that might seem a little out of place from me, since I’m usually much more tongue-in-cheek. 1,302 more words


Turn On: The "Lights" Where It's Not#10

Coloring “the far side” – isn’t easy, isn’t quick!

But, the “right” thing to do. This will, at least, defuse the bad mood and may even put you in a good mood. 58 more words


This morning something happened deep inside my heart.  For the first time since expanding my blog, I felt a hint of jealousy well up deep within my soul.  697 more words

Our only weapon - the Word

We must educate the enemies of America to the will of God for all mankind, so that they will condemn themselves as they continue to defy God. 202 more words

Day 24 - How Are You

How Are You

Asking how are you is my least favorite question,
I’m supposed to say I’m well, how are you,
But lately I am not sure how to begin… 51 more words

Four Reasons for Joy!

Every day, life events can beat you up and beat you down. Your enemy, the devil, seeks to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came to earth to give you life, eternal life and abundant life, a life full of joy. 465 more words

Living For Christ