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the ancient forest

On our way over here, I promised dad some big trees. Now, whereas the pines in these parts are tall, they’re not imposing unless viewed collectively. 385 more words

Cabin Life

What Would Love Do?

A popular saying a few years ago was, “What would Jesus do?” It is a valid question that allows us to compare our actions to the benchmark of Jesus, but it requires interpretation. 255 more words


Oceans of silence and oceans of words,

Oceans of joy and oceans of sorrow, 31 more words


No words, just art

Two days in a row now I’ve sat down in the morning with my coffee and an intention to write…and two days in a row I have decided to draw and paint instead. 210 more words


I Love Her....

​Her chest elevates, she inhales, I smell her exhale. I Love her so much. As she sleeps, I watch her, tempted to wake her up, but the peace of her state is that of a country side being lit by the sun. 98 more words


Call me

Not a rectangular booth in blues with a coin return, it is better! With cell phones a phone call can be made from almost anywhere. –I do say ‘almost’. 175 more words