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The First Time + Forever

Remember the morning.

In the still-dark,

when my hands find you

and my lips follow.

In the half-sleep,

we seek comfort

and finding each other, 123 more words



The greatest luxury of modernity is Time.

Not working Sunday. I never thought this day would come. I have so many plans: Get coconut oil in the hair, let it sit for 3 hours, maybe go shopping for a cake at the fair, get the toenails done, research masters degree on internet, watch a movie, read a few pages of Joseph Campbell, try some clothes, take some selfies, Who knows maybe get a little sun tan in the square, stalking some men online, making rituals for the eclipse, burning incense, painting eyebrows, painting canvas, write a book, chatting with twitter friends, playing guitar, recording some music, writing love letters and not sending them, analyzing the dreams I had in the week, get tobacco, send a message to family, meditate … afff… so many dreams …

Surviving a Plane Crash

So, this is the impossible thing

that I have asked of you.

Never said anything we ever did

was going to be very easy.

You’ve been clinging to your life, 239 more words


Choose the Color of Joy

My mother was in hospital this week to get her left knee replaced. It was a whirlwind tour: Surgery late Wednesday afternoon and back at home less than 48 hours later. 139 more words

Self Improvement


I felt

a morning breeze

drag its fingers

across my face;

a gentle wake up call,

before the heavy hand

of the day would fall. 182 more words


Family Visit - Set Devices Aside

My daughter is going to be a Senior in high school this year. We set out on a road trip last week to visit a few colleges and incorporated family visits in our trip. 539 more words


Celebrating Life

Part of my Saturday will be spent at a Celebration of Life ceremony for a long-time friend and member of our congregation…it’s part of life, after all. 18 more words