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Sunday column anyone? Where's the serendipity?

Columns were once a thing. They still are, I suppose, but they are so much more specialised these days. If you’re a techie, you’d rather much just be aware of all the hoards of tech geniuses writing about the latest revolutionary gadget about to make or break everyone’s busy 9-5 work routines. 288 more words



Punxsutawney was right! An early spring! Out at sunrise in bathrobe, slippers with camera in hand, the birds usually quiet because they are sparse, sing ‘hello’ along with geese honking as they fly overhead down to the creek for a rest. 24 more words

Present Day Writing

with heart to spare

with heart to spare,
i’m still here, writing and reading ~
though time has had its say on my face,
a bit of graffiti etched around eyes and lips… 63 more words

General Interest

London Part 1: Cable Cars

While I seem to take photos with infinite reckless abandon, my editing skills are not quite as speedy.

However I have at last edited enough that I can at last begin posting about my jam-packed adventures in London. 286 more words


robin birds are here

Guess what I saw Friday afternoon!?!

Robin birds in my front yard!!
I was so excited I could hardly stand myself!
I wrote long ago of my love of Spring and the importance of seeing the first robin of Spring in… 99 more words