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bringing cultures together

When most of us think of culture, we think of art, of galleries, of important paintings and sculptures, of theater and cinema. Yet, culture comprises everything in our lives. 300 more words


A lovely place to visit.

So what sort of things bring you joy? I bet you could identify a whole host of things if you really thought about it. Often that in itself is the problem, we do not give ourselves time to focus on what makes us notice and feel the things that bring us the most joy. 269 more words

I call them Mom and Dad...

May, a month of remembrance. My month. The month God chose to bless my parents with their first born child. A princess even. Little did they know that 2 more princesses will be brought into this world. 115 more words



It’s the only word you knew.

The world went bye too slow,

A carousel in reverse,

When you yearned to drive with the top down. 129 more words


Give Up #3: Stucking in the past

Giving up …I stuck in the past

When I stay stuck in regret of the life I think I should have had, I end up missing the beauty of what I have.  560 more words

My Things

Hitting Fifty! Looking Back at Five Months of Blogging

When I began blogging in November I didn’t know what the process would have in store for me. I didn’t set out to start a website and build my ‘tribe’ and I didn’t even know how long I would be doing it for. 892 more words

My Ridiculously Comfortable Life: Content Where I Am

I can’t count how many times in my life I have felt incredibly blessed to have something, only to allow the initial joy to wear off and begin wanting something else. 957 more words