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Some of God's Best Blessings Are "Background Blessings"

“Music with dinner,” writes G. K. Chesterton, “is an insult both to the cook and the violinist.”

In wordsmithing and logic, no one beats Chesterton, and I think he’s right on this subject at hand, more often than not. 538 more words

One Fine Day

A little over 5 months ago, during a late night of babysitting, I wrote my first blog post called “The Truth About Engagement”. It really started as a way for me to put my feelings into complete thoughts but I had no idea it would quickly become a way for girls, like myself, to be open and vulnerable about the real life struggles we were going through. 525 more words

Sunshine and stories. Day one hundred and twenty nine.

Worked most of today but took time out at lunch to soak up some sunshine with my husband and listen to the audio book we’re relistening to at the moment. 18 more words

Gratitude. Day one hundred and twenty eight.

Today was the first anniversary of a friend’s loss of her baby during childbirth. To commemorate it, we all lit a candle for him and spent some time reflecting on all we could be grateful for, right here and right now. 58 more words

Foresting. Day one hundred and twenty seven.

Just a lovely gentle stroll in the forest with husband.

And as always – though not always mentioned – my precious cats!

Yoga! Day one hundred and twenty six.

I started a new yoga class today because I can’t do hot yoga anymore – the little one growing inside me won’t take well to it, apparently. 61 more words