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Sexy by Joyce Carol Oates

…. The thing with Mr. Tracy, Darren’s English teacher.

The thing that was vague and not-named.

The thing that hadn’t happened anyway.

(Had it?)

North Falls swim team member Darren Flynn is a guy’s guy, a jock. 282 more words

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Broke Heart Blues by Joyce Carol Oates

Brando. Dean. John Reddy Heart is right up there among them – at least in the eyes of the residents of Willowsville, New York. The handsome young heart-throb begins his bad-boy career at sixteen, the night that a man is murdered in his mother’s house. 352 more words

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Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates

In this ambitious book, Joyce Carol Oates boldly reimagines the inner, poetic, and spiritual life of Norma Jeane Baker—the child, the woman, the fated celebrity and idolized blonde the world came to know as Marilyn Monroe. 312 more words

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My Heart Laid Bare by Joyce Carol Oates

Chronicles the endeavours of the Licht family–a clan of cheats, murderers, and con men–from the late eighteenth century through the 1930s, and details the moral consequences of their crimes and transgressions. 179 more words

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The Sign Of The Beast by Joyce Carol Oates

The National Book Award–winning and New York Times bestselling master of psychological suspense returns with the story of a young boy’s sexual awareness disturbed by cruelty, obsession, and rage. 257 more words

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Marya: A Life by Joyce Carol Oates

A deeply intimate psychological portrait of a young woman’s tragic childhood, her reinvention as a successful young artist in the literary circles of 1950s New York City, and her struggle to understand and overcome the trauma of her past. 342 more words

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The Sacrifice

When a fourteen-year-old girl is the alleged victim of a terrible act of racial violence, the incident shocks and galvanizes her community, exacerbating the racial tension that has been simmering in this New Jersey town for decades. 250 more words

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