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Dear Husband, : Stories

A gripping and moving new collection of stories by Joyce Carol Oates, which reimagines the meaning of family—by unexpected, often startling means.

With the unflinching candor and sympathy for which Joyce Carol Oates is celebrated, these fourteen stories examine the intimate lives of contemporary American families: the tangled ties between generations, the desperation—and the covert, radiant happiness—of loving more than one is loved in return. 365 more words

Joyce Carol Oates

Give Me Your Heart: Tales of Mystery and Suspense

The need for love—obsessive, self-destructive, unpredictable—takes us to forbidden places, as in the chilling world of Give Me Your Heart, a new collection of stories by the inimitable Joyce Carol Oates. 451 more words

Joyce Carol Oates

American Appetites

Joyce Carol Oates moves into new territory in the first novel she has written in a contemporary setting since Solstice. American Appetites takes us into affluent, upper-class suburbia in the late American 1980s, where a close-knit group of friends draw closer, and apart, when scandal and tragedy erupt among them. 636 more words

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By Joyce Carol Oates

Originally Published in Omni, December 1993, and collected in Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque

Father spoke quietly. “We’ll do the shopping for your mother, the turkey and all. 5,015 more words

Joyce Carol Oates

Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque

Novelist, poet, dramatist and author of many of the best American short stories of our time, Joyce Carol Oates shows yet another aspect of her unbounded creativity in these tales of the grotesque.  955 more words

Joyce Carol Oates

My 100th Post: Donald Trump And Joyce Carol Oates Chime In

I was giddy with joy last week when I began designing the story that is now before your eyes. Why wouldn’t I have been? Incredibly to me, it is the 100th opus that I’ve published on this blog, though its finalized shape differs substantially from my original conception. 1,354 more words