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Lit Matters: Stories Are Our Guides

by Kewanna Cigales

My love of literature began with a collection of Little Golden Books I received shortly after I learned to read. Initially, it was the vivid illustrations that captured my attention but as I read stories like… 562 more words

Good Books

A Visit with Doris Lessing

by Joyce Carol Oates

Originally published in the Southern Review, October 1973.

It is a bright, fresh, cold day in London, one of those excellent winter days that seem to promise spring. 3,555 more words

Joyce Carol Oates


There are countless thrillers and mysteries about serial killers, hard-boiled cops following grotesque trails of breadcrumbs to catch a psychopath. But rarely do we get a convincing glimpse into the mind of the killer him or herself. 486 more words


Memo to Joyce Carol Oates: Betcha ISIS is "joyous" over that Russian plane shootdown

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Tweeter-bomber Oates: Time to get back to work on that 499th novel?

“All we hear of ISIS is puritanical & punitive; is there nothing celebratory & joyous?

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Joyce Carol Oates on Sylvia Plath

The Death Throes of Romanticism: The Poetry of Sylvia Plath


. . . the cult of Plath insists she is a saintly martyr, but of course she is something less dramatic than this, but more valuable. 1,076 more words

Joyce Carol Oates

Winter Trees

by Joyce Carol Oates

Originally published in  Library Journal, November 1, 1972.

The poems in this final volume of Sylvia Plath’s work were all written during the last year of her life, and are therefore products of the same anguished, meticulous imagination that created the famous  467 more words

Joyce Carol Oates