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Complicit in Racism

Joyce Carol Oates recalls a racial profiling incident from the 1990’s in light of more recent and tragic events in Ferguson, MO and elsewhere, and relates it to her novel… 179 more words

Joyce Carol Oates

The Nest

This “nest” – on our bed – on my side of the bed – is a swirl of pillows, bedclothes, a rainbow-hued quilt crocheted by my mother – books, bound galleys, copyedited manuscripts and page proofs, drafts of things I am working on – whatever I am working on, or trying to work on, each night… In the nest there is anonymity.

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New Things Blowing your Way

I’m off of my spring break and now I am back at University, what a drag! Well, if I can say anything about University, it is that I actually get stuff done while I sit in the little cement rooms, where privacy is pretty much  lost and anything you do can and will be used against you if your roommate is an ass; thankfully mine is not. 514 more words


February 22, 2015

Dear diary,

Today I had a lot of thoughts. I told Jennifer if she was tired she should go to sleep and then I left to meet up with Alice. 614 more words


Tell, don't show

One simple rule can sort even a serious ‘show, don’t tell’ obsession: so long as you’re dealing with objective facts, tell us those facts as simply and clearly as possible. 644 more words

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Literary Fiction vs. The Potboiler

New year, new books… Publisher’s Weekly released a list of “The Most Anticipated Books of 2015.” Seeing as how I love both literary fiction and… 24 more words