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8 Steps to Dynamic Living After 60 (Or Really Anytime)

Our culture spends a lot of time and money on motivational books, inspirational blogs and personal growth seminars. Why is this?

Is it the need to heal some childhood wound of wanting to get it right? 743 more words

Comedy, Tragedy And What The F...?


if it rains,

would be nice.

if it didn’t rain,

would be nice.

Saturday,all sounds nice.

Happy and Joyous

How do I capture something
So beautiful and wondrous
As the experience of joy
And happiness?

Why is it so much easier
To write about pain and grief…

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I was, for so long, convinced that the circumstances of my life were a consequence of the hand I had been unfortunately dealt in life. I drank and drowned in my misery, expecting the clouds to part and for my life to change. 658 more words

Don't Take It Personally

“There is

a huge amount

of freedom that

comes to you

when you take

nothing personally.”

~Don Miguel Ruiz

Personally, I like me, God likes me and… 84 more words

Higher Power


So I sit here thinking that others don’t see the things im fighting, and yes I am right some people don’t see it, but then there are the people that are there for me and always have been, they see the pain and struggles that I am going through even without me saying anything to them, I think that I’m all alone, but I’m not, I have so many people on my side, but you know what even if I did not have one person I would still be okay, and I was reminded of that the other day, and you know what, the friend that showed me that, pointed something out to me and it was so true, I said right at the start of this journey that no matter what, if there was anyone with me or not on this journey I was going to do it anyway and I have been blessed with the most amazing people to walk alongside me through everything. 276 more words

Double J

[Musique du Monde] - 'Le Son de L'Infini' Volume 4 (1974-1980)

‘Le Son de l’Infini’ has been spinning in the back of my mind for a long time, each of these tracks mentally bookmarked for mixing over many years.  343 more words