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Aim not for praise, aim for purity

   Once there was a young man who always wanted people to praise him. He could not stay in any job, any relationship because he felt terrible if he was not praised. 845 more words

10 Creepiest Children’s Games Ever

From joyous singalongs concerning fatality to mobilizing fiends in the mirror, we count 10 of the creepiest children's video games throughout background!
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Don't Work

Do no work
rather let all work be play
offer all you do to the Lord
let your heart be joyous
for love changes
the humblest task
to worship


Haiku #15: In honour of 50 likes

Fifty likes in all,

Even in my wildest dreams,


To my followers, viewers and ones who like my poems,

We achieved 50 likes in total for all posts and though it is a small achievement, it is a big one for me, and I am not ashamed to admit that. 39 more words


8 Steps to Dynamic Living After 60 (Or Really Anytime)

Our culture spends a lot of time and money on motivational books, inspirational blogs and personal growth seminars. Why is this?

Is it the need to heal some childhood wound of wanting to get it right? 743 more words

Comedy, Tragedy And What The F...?


if it rains,

would be nice.

if it didn’t rain,

would be nice.

Saturday,all sounds nice.

Happy and Joyous

How do I capture something
So beautiful and wondrous
As the experience of joy
And happiness?

Why is it so much easier
To write about pain and grief…

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