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Let regret fade…

Regrets…regrets…oh! how they nibble at our peace, stability, health as they keep us perched precariously on the sharp edge of inner pain. People avoid us. Who wants to be with somebody who speaks in sad sighs and tarnishes the shining moments of the precious present with joyless grey patches from the phantom past? 656 more words

The Great Weaver

“In Silence

there is eloquence.

Stop weaving and see

how the pattern improves.”

~ Rumi

We become so busy living our lives… 98 more words

Higher Power

The Perfect Position

“You are in

the perfect


to get there

from here.”


~ Abraham-Hicks

God knows where you are.

Every step that we have taken has been necessary… 77 more words

Higher Power


There Are Somethings that are important about Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm back up by persistence and concistence are the most successful keys to long term success
An happy man is a wealthy man.it is better for you to be rich and happy than for you to be wealthy and unhappy… 7 more words

Aim not for praise, aim for purity

   Once there was a young man who always wanted people to praise him. He could not stay in any job, any relationship because he felt terrible if he was not praised. 845 more words

Don't Work

Do no work
rather let all work be play
offer all you do to the Lord
let your heart be joyous
for love changes
the humblest task
to worship