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when someone drinks wine from another country

The different shades of green

sing for the continent and

more flowers blow all at the

same moment.  The baby begins

to talk and tells his father and… 78 more words


“The text of Second Vatican Council affirms many times that love in general, and conjugal love in particular, consists in the gift one person to another, a gift that embraces the human being as a whole, soul and body.” (20) 8 more words

Random Thoughts

Book Review: Fruitful and Responsible Love

​Wojtyla, Karol. Fruitful and Responsible Love. St Paul’s Publications. ISBN 085439 159 2

Summary of the Book: Address given by Karol Woltyla, then Cardinal Archbishop of Cracow at the international Congress on family problems held at Milan in June 1978 to mark the tenth anniversary of Humanae Vitae. 103 more words



“”…responsibility for parenthood is s engendered through conjugal love, understood and experienced in a responsible way,…”(26)

John Paul II, Fruitful and Responsible Love


Marriage and Family

“Marriage and the family are invariably at the root of all the affairs of man and society. Although in itself it is, one might say, a most private concern, an affair of two persons, of husband and wife, and of the smallest social group, which they form together with their children, yet the fate of nations and continents, of humanity and of the Church depends upon it.” 7 more words