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My Fujifilm X100F Astia Film Simulation Recipe

Fujifilm Astia 100F color reversal (slide) film was popular among portrait and fashion photographers because of its excellent skin tone reproduction. It was known for low contrast and low color saturation, as well as having a slight warm/yellow cast and creamy highlights. 561 more words

Fujifilm X100F - Digital Teleconverter + High ISO

I talked about how the Digital Teleconverter on the Fujifilm X100F adds versatility, and I talked about how great the camera does at high-ISO photography, but I never talked about how these two things do together. 511 more words

PetaPixel: Here’s a Handy New Site That Converts iOS 11 .heic Photos to JPEG

PetaPixel: Here’s a Handy New Site That Converts iOS 11 .heic Photos to JPEG. “With the upcoming release of iOS 11, Apple’s new HEIF/HEVC photo formats will make it trickier to use and share iPhone photos in a world still dominated by JPEG images. 14 more words

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Photography for Beginners Part 11: RAW vs. Jpeg

Each post in this series builds on information discussed in previous posts. See the Photography for Beginners page on the menu for links to all the posts. 1,977 more words


Fujifilm X100F Advanced Filter: Toy Camera, Part 1

There’s a feature on the Fujifilm X100F called “Advanced Filters” that has some JPEG options that aren’t really anything advanced. These are not intended for the professional users, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t fun to play with. 308 more words

10 Steps To Perfect Bird Photography Post Processing

Post processing of bird photos is extremely important for making them realistic and suitable for commercial stock usage. Your image is competing with millions of other photos and when your photo isn’t something exceptional, it is the post processing that would make your image stand out of the

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