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Might seem like a no brainer to most but this little newbie it was NOT.

Why is this so important? Well simply because one freezes the image and the other keeps it in edit mode. 301 more words


Jpeg.io | Convert any major image format into a highly optimized JPEG

Jpeg.io is a free online interface for rapidly and conveniently converting your images into highly optimized JPEGs using Kraken.io’s proprietery JPEG optimization algorithms. It has been engineered with simplicity in mind: simply drop your image into the drop space and a short time later you’ll get a progressive JPEG compressed to the smallest possible size without perceptible quality loss. 34 more words



You’ve probably heard many photographers tell you to either shoot in JPEG or RAW. Most photographers will tell you to ALWAYS shoot RAW, no matter what. 421 more words


Space (the final frontier)

With a DSLR, the stark reality of space keeps staring you in the face. Recently, I shot a few hundred pictures using RAW format and the size ended up being around 5.5GB. 76 more words


Is it worth it to post-process your photos?

I wish I had kept track of how many hours it took me to post-process the digital photos I took in Ireland. I shot 999 photos, all in RAW, with my Canon S95. 505 more words


Trying To Develop A Nasty Habit

So trying to develop the daily habit of writing even if I can’t really come up with anything to write about. I think I might have gotten the facts wrong in yesterday’s post about how habits are formed and broken. 422 more words