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Photo Fail at the Taj Mahal

I recently visited the Taj Mahal. One of the most breathtaking moments is when we enter the monument complex via the entry gate. Till we enter through the gate, the Taj is not visible due to its walls. 175 more words


2016/11/03 멀티미디어 시스템(차광호 교수님) jpeg 이미지 압축

 무손실 압축은 원상태로 회복이 가능한 압축 방법

코드 워드란 – 캐릭터를 특정 비트 패턴으로 바꾼 것으로 예를 들어 1byte짜리 캐릭터를 매칭 테이블을 통해 010과 같은 3bit 형태로 변환한 것을 코드 워드라고 한다. 76 more words


iOS 11, or maybe 11.2.6, may change Photos' handling of screenshots

Yesterday I reported my strange problem with the image format used for screenshots taken on my iPad Pro 9.7-inch. I later had the benefit of a 37-minute session with Apple Support which has now clarified what has happened: Photos has recently changed the way in which it saves screenshot images on some, but not all, iOS devices. 332 more words


Lost in iCloud Translation? When PNGs suddenly become JPEGs

Every month or so, I write my Genius Tips section for MacFormat magazine. Part of that process involves making screenshots on Macs and iOS devices, to illustrate most of the items in the section. 805 more words


Rasterski formati

Rasterski su oni formati koji imaju svoju širinu i dužinu u pikselima. Rasterska matrica je sastavljena od piksela, na kojima se definiše boja piksela. Spektar boja koji najčešće koriste rasterski formati su RGB boje. 411 more words

Photography Tip of the Week 3/30/2018: Raw vs. JPEG

The Benefits of Shooting in RAW

RAW files can be described as a photographic negative. After downloading from the camera, adjustments can be made to elements such as contrast, color, tonality, and more, without compromise to the original file. 586 more words