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Algorithm Alley | Dr Dobb's

The Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) is a crucial part of modern image and sound compression. Tim discusses several fast algorithms for computing the 8-point DCT and IDCT. 6 more words


Jpeg Experiment Follow up

This is a follow up to the Jpeg Experiment entry. As planned, I put aside the film camera and took up the x100 in jpeg only mode for a while. 319 more words


I have always heard that it is best to shoot in RAW format vs. JPEGs and that you can do more with RAW. To be honest, I never believed it because I figured you will get the same adjustment options in photoshop whenever you open your picture. 106 more words


The "Imagegate" rumor mill goes wild

Search for “imagegate,” and you’ll find lots of articles claiming there’s a malware risk in JPEG files. Look more closely, and you’ll notice they don’t provide any support for the claim. 229 more words


A prehistoric photo

Today I took a prehistoric photo with a prehistoric digital camera: Canon Powershot A100

Yes I said “prehistoric” because the A100 was produced in the year 2002  113 more words

How I Did

Something Special about Panormas

I’m not sure what it is but there is something special about Panoramas that if done right make a pretty good photo. Maybe it’s because there is so much detail in them or that they have managed to capture a scene that can’t be captured without photographing a panorama or maybe the average person thinks that there is something special that goes into photographing them. 181 more words